Fascists vs. antifa

Jordan Klepper’s new show The Opposition had a good piece by Kobi Libii who investigated the antifa movement to examine the claim, made by many in the establishment media, that they are as bad as the fascists they are protesting against. Watch Libii put one of those people, columnist Eli Lake of Bloomberg News, on the spot.

For those outside the US who cannot view Comedy Central videos, here is a poorer quality YouTube version.


  1. sonofrojblake says

    The killer question, following on from getting his interlocutor to admit that the lesson of WW2 was we didn’t fight fascism soon enough is:

    When do you know fascism has grown to the point that a violent response is appropriate?

    The response, as shown on the video is:

    “Well… ahm… lemme, can you gimme a second?”


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