Bye, bye, Eric! Please do let the door hit you on the way out

Eric Bolling, one of the most odious of the many odious people working at Fox News (and that is really saying something), has agreed to “part ways amicably” with the network, a polite way of saying that he has been shown the door. This comes after he was suspended pending allegations that he had sent photographs of his penis to co-workers. Andrew Kirell gives us a brief summary of Bolling’s sickening history, especially his habit of racist innuendo targeting Barack Obama and his incredibly sexist attitudes towards women.

So where will he go now? One report says that he plans to run for the US Senate. Sure, why not? If a racist and sexist like Donald Trump can become president, why shouldn’t Bolling become a senator? If that fails, I hear that Trump is having trouble filling positions in his government. Bolling would fit right in with that crowd.

Bolling has filed a lawsuit against the reporter who broke the penis story and as of yet has not withdrawn it. Let’s see how that pans out. Meanwhile another Fox personality Charles Payne has returned to work after being suspended in July following accusations of sexual harassment too. The same law firm that investigated Bolling also investigated Payne. I expect that this is a story that will continue to grow given the culture at Fox.

In something that should not come as a surprise, Bolling, like that other Fox News sexual harasser Bill O’Reilly, loved to moralize and had even written (ghost-written?) books, one of which was titled Wake Up America: The Nine Virtues That Made Our Nation Great—and Why We Need Them More Than Ever. I wonder if one of the virtues is sharing with co-workers what your penis looks like.


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    TMZ and other sleaze outfits reported Eric Chase’s death a suicide, but more “reputable” news sources report his death a drug overdose.

    I will make not comment or take a cheap shot, but you really have to wonder what sort of family and people they are/were behind closed doors, what was really going on.

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