When will the Trump party come into being?

We know that Donald Trump the narcissist loves to slap his name on to everything he is associated with and even charge organizations for that ‘privilege’. We also know that he sees the Republican party as his own possession now, and that all the other Republican elected officials are there to simply go along with whatever he wants.

So how long will it be before he demands that the Republican be renamed to the Trump party since the party is now run, like his businesses, as a family concern, to be handed down from generation to generation? While they have been content to grovel before him up to now, even as he insults the party leaders, will they go along with move? While I am being somewhat facetious, this is not out of the bounds of conceivability.


  1. sonofrojblake says

    It’s hard to picture now, but Trump may be remembered 100 years from now as the man who destroyed the Republican party and any semblance of unity on the right, the catalyst for a progressive surge. Yeah, right, like the left could be united…

    I was hoping he would actually achieve this by winning the candidacy (and dismantling and destroying any vaguely credible Republican politicians on the way, which he did) but NOT winning the election. The ensuing recriminations and shouting would form a background noise to the entrenchment of a more successful Democrat presidency, and Trump would pull the GOP apart from the inside by blaming it for his loss and taking his base (HIS base, not the Republicans) to the Trump party, fatally splitting the right for a generation. Unfortunately the Democrats nominated the worst candidate in history and the rest we know. We can only hope that the Republicans will be stupid enough to futilely resist him (like they were during the primaries).

  2. deepak shetty says


    Unfortunately the Democrats nominated the worst candidate in history and the rest we know.

    You sound exactly like the conservative nutcases who used to whine , when they lost(McCain,Romney) of how the elected candidate was not conservative enough. Anyone who claims that Hillary was worse than Trump is the reason Trump won (and if only it was Sanders or Warren or Al Gore or whatever they would have voted for them) is just looking for an excuse.

  3. jrkrideau says

    I don’t see changing the name but we may see those t-shirts with Trump’s photo like the one Robert Mugabe wears with his photo. It would look good on the Orange one and all his cabinet.

  4. sonofrojblake says

    @deepak shetty:

    Anyone who claims that Hillary was worse than Trump is the reason Trump won

    Just objectively false. I can with justification claim that Clinton was worse than Trump (because hey, she lost), and I’m not the “reason Trump won” because I didn’t get a vote (and if I had I’d have held my nose and voted Clinton, same way I held my nose and voted Labour in the last election where I did get a vote). I’m far from alone in being a foreign observer who was baffled at the Democrats picking a candidate so toxic, so unpopular that Trump even stood a chance. Consider that Trump was, per the polls, the second most unpopular person ever to stand for President. I don’t need an excuse. US voters do.

    And pointing out she lost isn’t obtuse, it’s an observation of fact. She was an objectively terrible candidate and if she hadn’t been, she’d have won. It was close. She even got more votes… but she got them where it didn’t matter, because she didn’t even bother campaigning in areas she and her team wrote off. She was the candidate because of her name, because of her history, because (it seemed like) it was her turn. Not because she was the best. Not because she could win. Thanks, DNC.

    @jkrideau: if you’re referring to the chants of “lock her up”, I’m not sure what you’re getting at. If you’re not, I’m sure I don’t know what you’re getting at.

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