Kind of self-defeating, no?

A Florida man was outraged by vehicles used by utility workers partially blocking his driveway. This of course happens all the time since those vehicles can be quite long and they have to be parked near the utility poles. Rather than politely asking the workers to move so that he could get out, something that has always worked for me whenever I encountered this since the workers are right there, this being Merika and the man being a real Merkin, he brought his gun and started shooting at the vehicles, including at the engine and the tires, deflating them and making the vehicles immobile.

Of course, this meant that the vehicles could not be moved without a tow truck and who knows how long that took.


  1. Chancellor of the Exchequer says

    He sure showed them, they’ll know better next time! I luv the 2nd amendment! And I luv my masculinity, yeah buddy!

  2. Chiroptera says

    I kinda figure he’s sitting in jail right now? If so, that’s going to make him even later to wherever he was in a hurry to get to.

  3. Mano Singham says

    Sometimes street repair and utility work requires blocking driveways. If it is necessary and temporary and the vehicle can be moved upon request, there is no reason why it should be illegal.

  4. says

    At the start of the video you can see a cable hanging to the ground.

    I guess the shooter’s neighbours won’t be too happy with him either for disabling the AT&T trucks.

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