Want some asparagus water? Whole Foods will sell it to you at exorbitant prices

The really, really upscale (by which I mean so expensive that I would never shop there) supermarket chain known as Whole Foods is cutting back and closing stores because people are shopping there less and its reputation for selling ‘good’ stuff is seen as overblown.

John Oliver looks at the kinds of things that Whole Foods markets at ridiculous prices.

Outside Trader Joe’s, Brooklyn homemaker Eva Lev said she rarely visits Whole Foods nowadays. “It’s like that Jim Gaffigan joke – Whole Foods on Sunday is just a refugee camp for people with too much money.”


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    They have done a good job of shitting the hot tub of “organic equals good” -- as long as the cost difference was minor nobody asked. But they gouged so hard that it’s obvious that it’s just marketing. Good!

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