Four snippets of political humor

I: As Ed Pilkington reported after attending Donald Trump’s rallies, his main weapon is humor. Trump gets the crowd laughing before setting them afire with his incendiary statements. But comedy is hard and as any stand up comic on tour can attest, you have to keep generating new material to keep the fans coming.

And so it was with one Trump fan who complained that his rallies were becoming boring because his jokes were getting a little old. He said that Trump needed to create new material but was booted out of the rally for his helpful comments.

II: Cartoonist Jack Ohman maps out how the US looks according to the paranoid mindset.

Ohman-US of paranoia

III: Jimmy Fallon gives Donald Trump a job interview. It is amusing but what I found most interesting how Trump feels so at home in this format.

IV: But if you want pure comedy, check out this ad put out by Right to Rise, the Super PAC supporting Jeb Bush, that uses as its premise the ridicule that Marco Rubio has been getting from his rivals over his pair of boots.

This primary campaign is sinking to farce even before the first votes are cast.


  1. Reginald Selkirk says

    In the top video, with Jimmy Fallon: The Donald must have been having a bad hair day. You can see a thin spot on the left side of his head.
    Also, one of his strengths is bringing people together? I guess he has united Mexicans, muslims and women in their hatred for him.

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