It will never be your time, Bobby

So Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal becomes the third Republican candidate to formally drop out of the race for the Republican nomination, joining fellow governors Scott Walker and Rick Perry.

His departure will have zero effect on the race. His poll numbers were abysmal and in asterisk territory despite his increasingly shrill articulations of extreme conservative views in an effort to pander to the segment of partisan voters who turn out to Republican rallies at this early stage of the process.

Jindal tried to gain traction by going after front-runner Donald Trump and calling him a ‘narcissist’ and ‘egomaniac’ but even that did not work and Trump heralded his exit with a ‘nice try but no cigar’ adieu.

“Well, he was, you know, a little nasty with me, but I think ultimately was very nice and he tried. Everyone’s nasty to me because they want to get votes,” Trump said Wednesday morning on Fox News. “Look he was in there, he tried very hard. I think he’s a nice guy, he was a good man.”

Actually, Jindal is not a nice guy. In his ruthless ambition he was willing to refuse the Medicaid expansion for the poor, attack Planned Parenthood and assault women’s health services, and demagogue on Muslims and refugees, to name a few things. In other words, he was your standard contemporary Republican politician.

Jindal says that ‘this was not his time’. But my feeling is that it will never be his time for higher elected office.

There is an election to be held on Saturday to replace Jindal as governor so we can hope that this is the end of Jindal’s career in public life. He is quite a nasty piece of work.


  1. Some Old Programmer says

    A long time ago I had a glimmer of hope that Bobby Jindal might let a breath of sanity into the fetid atmosphere of Republican politics; he said and was widely quoted as saying the Republicans “must stop being the stupid party”. Unfortunately I think that was the last time I saw him being reported as saying something that was not stupid.

  2. Bob Becker says

    Isn’t Jindal one of the GOP Candidates Gaggle who said he’d consulted god about getting into the race and god told him He wanted Jindal to run? In any case, his dropping out is very bad news for Louisiana for it means Jindal will now spend most of his time in state.

  3. busterggi says

    Now Jindal’s wife can vote for someone else w/o feeling guilty so there is one good thing already.

  4. StevoR says

    Bobby Jindal? Bobby Jindal? Now then who was he again?

    Oh yeah, that’s right the guy that doesn’t believe in monitoring volcanoes :

    The Creationist anti-science fool :

    Who also once apparently performed an exorcism.

    Good riddance Jindal; yeah, it’ll never be your time! (If there was a Jindal time, reckon it was probably a few centuries ago during the Inquisition and Dark Ages.

  5. lorn says

    Good riddance to bad trash.

    Republicans, like their talking points, never die. Notice the familiar language, themes, and accusations from 1963:

    We can hope that Jindal will never cast a shadow on another stage, seeking political office or as a talking head, but the GOP and right are deeply into recycling, ideas and people. So it wouldn’t surprise me to see Jindal come back rested and refreshed for a 2.0 version of the nightmare. That is the thing about nightmares, you think you have escaped them by waking up … only to find out you haven’t.

  6. naturalcynic says

    Jindal is much too valuable to wither away. He is probably the best new candidate for wingnut welfare. Look for him on Faux Nooze next year. Or the Heritage Foundation.

  7. Nick Gotts says

    Isn’t Jindal one of the GOP Candidates Gaggle who said he’d consulted god about getting into the race and god told him He wanted Jindal to run? -- Bob Becker@2

    Well there’s plenty of evidence that if there is a god, it has a warped sense of humour!

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