Ben Carson backpedals on ending Medicare and Medicaid

When he was questioned by Chris Wallace on Fox News about his plan to eliminate Medicare and Medicaid, Carson denies it, surprising Wallace. Carson now says that that report is completely false and that it “is a narrative being out there to scare people”. But when Wallace points out that it was on his website, Carson says that that was his old plan and it has now changed. Now he has some scheme where people supposedly have a choice between Medicare or private health savings accounts and says it won’t cost any more money.

Under further questioning by a clearly confused Wallace as to how his new plan would work, Carson then waffles all over the place. When Carson points to the high cost of health care in the US, he does not point out that it is because we have a largely private system compared to those other countries. So the idea that his plan would reduce costs by privatizing even more is absurd. His general confusion in discussing matters of actual policy, like his disastrous answers on the debt ceiling, is becoming ever more apparent as he is subjected to in-depth questioning.

Watch the interview.

I wonder what those people on the right who cheered his initial plan to abolish Medicare will think about his switch.


  1. Holms says

    This is just the sorriest excuse for a political candidate since Palin, and her only saving grace was that she was never in the running for the top job. Appealing to the lowest common denominator does horrifying things to the political landscape.

  2. Nick Gotts says

    Since the revelation that he personally benefited as a researcher from the use of tissue from aborted fetuses had no apparent impact, I very much doubt that a mere policy switch will dent his appeal for the bladderheads supporting him.

  3. moarscienceplz says

    The important thing is that he keeps government hands off Medicare, marons!!!!11!!!!11
    That, and he won’t throw kids in jail for praying over thier lunch!!!!111!!!!

  4. lorn says

    And … for his next trick .. Doctor Carson … will … perform … the … loaves and fishes … miracle.

    He isn’t wrong when he says that there is plenty of money in the heath care system. Half of it goes to high-end practices, private hospitals, insurance companies, drug and medical device companies, and their associated executives and investors. Were doctor Carson to present a credible plan to pry that money from their hands, assuming he survives the political firestorm that will result from announcing a plan to take money from the investor class, I might take him seriously. Until that time he is promising a magic trick and hoping nobody calls his bluff by demanding details.

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