Hillary Clinton to have event at CWRU

My university announced that Hillary Clinton will bring her campaign on campus tomorrow to hold a “community organizing” event in the University Center. While the university has hosted a vice-presidential debate in the past, I was initially surprised by the university allowing a partisan event to be held.

The university was clearly worried about this being seen as some kind of endorsement so it carefully explained that as far as the university was concerned, this was a purely commercial arrangement for the use of facilities and that any candidate could make a similar request.

Case Western Reserve routinely rents its facilities to external groups and organizations when such locations are not reserved for use by university constituents. With regard to political events, the university follows all applicable federal laws and regulations regarding candidate appearances. More information regarding the institution’s policies may be found on the Office of General Counsel website; among them is a commitment to make facilities available to interested candidates—at regular university fees—irrespective of party affiliation.

As noted in the university’s guidelines: The views of those invited to speak on campus are the views of the speaker and NOT the views of CWRU; use of CWRU’s facilities for this event does not constitute an endorsement by CWRU; and CWRU does not endorse this candidate or any other candidate in connection with this or any other political campaign or election.

Will I go to just see what happens? I was kind of curious to see what the Clinton campaign meant by a “community organizing” event. It may just be a way to get people to sign up to volunteer, which would make it a waste of time for me. Also, as a Bernie Sanders supporter I don’t want to be perceived as a Clinton fan by attending her event. Also, there might be crowds and high security, which is always a pain to deal with.

I’ll probably decide at the last minute whether to go or not. I have another engagement at noon that has to be factored in.

UPDATE: As I feared, the whole security thing has made attending tedious and I will not go, especially since you have to first register on the campaign website which is a mechanism for getting people on their mailing list.


  1. machintelligence says

    Go , by all means. I would appreciate your perspective on the totality of her presentation, rather than just the usual media sound bites.
    (I, too, support Bernie, but think I could live with Clinton, given the probable alternatives.)

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