Sex education in American schools

On his show Last Week Tonight, John Oliver describes how the world of sex education in the US is all over the place, rife with misconceptions and harsh moral judgments rather than providing dispassionate factual information.


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    One could call it “the blind leading the blind”, but we’re talking about people still tell and believe the myth about masturbation and blindness. The ignorant trying to keep others ignorant is more like it. It is unfathomable how people can be willing to deny facts and reality that even their own side admits.

    I read an item recently on a men’s health magazine website (sorry, lost the link). The writer spoke about the myths of LGBTQ people and pedophilia. He said not only is perpetuating the myths harmful to gay people, it’s harmful to children because those who predate on children are being ignored while people look in the wrong direction. And often those who point fingers at LGBTQ people are the ones the kids need to be protected from (e.g. Josh Duggar).

    The same is true about kids and sex. By pretending (read: lying) that sex education is a danger to children, kids are put at greater risk of STDs, unwanted pregnancy, rape and other dangers. Kids who are informed are less likely to engage in sex and risky behaviour, more able to say “No” because they know the consequences and dangers. The dangers include those who are older (older teens, adults) trying to lure teens into having sex. “No, you can’t get pregnant the first time…” is one of the oldest lies that still gets told, second only to “I’m clean, trust me.”

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