The one-percenters finally get their voice heard

I tend to favor the underdog. And there is no question that the oligarchy, the one-percenters who control so much of the nation’s wealth and seek even more as their just due, have been taking a beating in parts of the media. It is just not fair. Thankfully, someone has recognized this imbalance and started a news channel called “One Percent News so that they can get their side of the story out to combat all the negative propaganda being waged against this fine group of people.

Here the reporters behind the new venture explain why they did it.

Here is one news item.

Fox News should be alarmed at this direct competition.


  1. Donnie says

    I apologize. Amazon has not delivered my latest irony meters. This is a satire site, no?

    I had a spare on in the closet, and restarted the irony meter with a Brownian liquid consisting of red bull and earl grey breakfast tea and jump starting it with a quick jolt of microwaves. We are good to go for a while.

  2. lorn says

    Funny, and sad, because it is true.

    Does this bother the 1%; no, because they have theirs.

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