The new HoloLens from Microsoft

Mark Griswold, a friend and colleague at my university who is a professor of radiology, gave a talk at the Microsoft builders’ event this week that highlighted the features of a new device called the HoloLens headset that overlays virtual 3D objects onto the physical environment around us and promises to revolutionize many fields of education by providing students with the ability to see complete systems that are hidden within an outer shell, like the skeletal structure or the cardiovascular system of a human body. See for yourself

My university is partnering with Microsoft to develop this into an educational tool.

Nate Ralph at CNET is highly enthused about the HoloLens. You can read more about how it works here and see a promo from Microsoft.

It looks pretty cool. Unlike Google Glass (which I could never get enthused about and seems to be fizzling), this seems like something that could be really useful in specific settings.

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