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Jonathan Turley describes two more cases in which the police acted aggressively against people for no other reason that they did not immediately acquiesce to their demands, something that I have written about before too.

One case involved a woman who took a precaution that is actually recommended as a good safety measure.

Indiana resident DelRea Good probably thought she was doing what police often recommend. When she saw the lights of Porter County Sheriff’s Department Patrolman William Marshall, she opted not to stop on a dark country road at night but drove to a lit area less than a mile away. For that decision, Marshall charged her with a felony of resisting arrest.

In the second case, a police officer berated a cab driver who had honked at him.

Detective Patrick Cherry, a member of the elite Joint Terrorism Task Force, will not be fired over his notorious scene with a New York cabbie who honked at him for attempting to park on the West Side Highway without signaling. The tirade was captured by a sympathetic passenger of the Uber driver and posted on YouTube. The video is below. The police has said that the use of the car’s lights and sirens — and the abusive yelling at the cabbie — is not a firing offense.

On the video, Cherry not only berates the driver and questions how long he has been in the United States. Cherry later said that he was mad because the driver swerved around him, flipped him the bird, and mouthed “f— you.”

Notably, Cherry has been previously the subject of about 10 complaints during his 15 years on the force, often for verbally abusing civilians.

Of course, the police get off completely or with just a slap on the wrist.


  1. says

    The police are very good at their purpose, which is protecting the 1% while keeping the 99% in a state of fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

    You can’t imagine that NY cop yelling at Michael Bloomberg, can you?

  2. doublereed says

    As detailed in the comments, Patrick Cherry was stripped of badge and gun and from the task force.

    But that just may be until Internal Affairs tells he’s fine.

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