More great moments in driving

Some time ago, I linked to a video of an utterly inept driver trying to get out of a tight parking spot. It was excruciating to watch. But that driver was an expert compared to the person in the video below.

Now only does this person have much more room, but also managed to hit and damage another car and then drive off without reporting it.


  1. Dremelteeth says

    This is from my hometown. Apparently the driver was given a $115 dollar ticket, but she really should have her license taken away IMO. I’m sure there are drivers like this everywhere, but nearly every day I come across drivers whom I assume must be texting or otherwise distracted behind the wheel, only to find when I pull next to them that they are terrified and trying. Unnerving.

  2. lorn says

    I’m thinking they were drunk or stoned. Even after the vehicle moves and gives them loads of room they don’t notice. Also there is clearly a lot of confusion as to which way to go. I’ve seen that a lot with impaired drivers.

    It certainly didn’t help that heir back window was frosted over. Mostly it is clear that he driver has never been taught that the front wheels can be rotated and positioned in the right direction BEFORE the vehicle is moving. If you don’t understand that it looks just like that, endless repetitions of the same maneuver with very little progress being made.

  3. moarscienceplz says

    Some people seem to be terrified of cutting the wheel too far, no matter how slowly they are moving. On our crowded California freeways I have seen people try to change lanes when the traffic is creeping along at 10 or 15 MPH, which could be easily done if they cut sharply and then straighten out, but instead they will try to drift over at the same angle they would use if going 65. This results in them blocking two lanes for a long time. Very irritating.

  4. ledasmom says

    I shouldn’t laugh, but there’s something about the way he uses the universal language of parking assistance (come on -- bit more -- stop), she drives out, he notices the damage, they all walk across the lot, he puts his hands on his hips -- has no dialog, needs none.

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