Feckless Democratic messaging

Jordan Klepper of The Daily Show points out the things that the Democratic party did not talk about during the election. I am not saying that doing so would have changed the outcome but it was curious how they ran such a defensive, and even apologetic, campaign when they did have some achievements to their credit.

The Daily Show
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  1. Pierce R. Butler says

    James Wolcott reports on his pre-election email:

    “One day I received 43 fundraising emails … It wasn’t the sheer multitude of messages that was wearying, frustrating, a constant trial, it was the escalating hysteria, the desperate whine that turned into something resembling a nagging chorus of Jewish mothers, as if Mrs. Portnoy had seized control of the Democratic fundraising process to supply heavy lashings of guilt to those who hadn’t replied to the previous pleadings for money.

    “We’re pleading with you, James…” “We’re BEGGING…” “WORRIED SICK…” “James, I’m imploring you…”

    And then, when I didn’t kick in a new contribution on top of the ones I had already made, the guilt-tripping commenced. “President Obama has asked you. Hillary Clinton has asked you. Elizabeth Warren has asked you…” …

    And then would come the Jewish mother “That’s OK, I’ll just sit here in the dark phase,” with goodbye-cruel-world subject lines that would read: “We. Are. Toast.” …

    I would love to see the research that shows that this constant doomy, gloomy drumbeat of negativity, defeatism, and fear-inducement actually produces results, because apart from the state of agitation it promotes it plays into every rightwing and Beltway stereotype of liberal Democrats being a bunch of hand-wringing, emotional, needy basket cases…

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