My horoscope predicts a big day for me tomorrow

Susan Miller is a very popular astrologer. She puts up her monthly horoscope predictions for free on her website Astrology Zone at the beginning of each month and has a huge readership, estimated at 6.5 million. Recently she has been running late with her postings because she says she has been sick. You would think that her readers would cut her some slack, but no. These repeated delays have apparently caused great consternation among those who apparently need their monthly horoscope fix in order to live their lives and are distressed by not being told what to do in a timely manner, and some of them have turned ugly, accusing her of a lack of ‘professionalism’.

When the reports arrive on time, she’s lauded as a prognostic hero and keeper of sanity. But when she is late with her goods, insults fly.

That’s what happened earlier this month when the forecasts were posted a week (one-quarter of the month!) late—an eternity to those who plan life by celestial movements. Readers began commenting on Facebook—at first inquiring when the forecasts would arrive, then requesting someone from Miller’s camp post an update. Soon, the animosity grew to a fever pitch. Supporters—the Millaniacs to keep things straight—pleaded for patience as Miller was still recovering from an illness. Her detractors, the Susanistas, pointed out that the forecasts were consistently late, that she recently “attended a party in Los Angeles and looked fabulous,” and the late posts were a business ploy to drive traffic to her website, which boasts 6.5 million unique monthly readers and 20 million page views.

“I have read that every time a reader clicks on her site looking for their horoscope, they contribute to the rising cost of advertising,” emailed Seva, who has been reading Astrology Zone for three years. “It takes only a few moments to post an authentic, genuine message to your fans, not some long, drawn-out excuse detailing her never-ending often exotic illnesses which she constantly beats her readers over the head with.”

It is strange that people who are getting something for free can still feel so aggrieved when they don’t get it on time.

Miller is anxious to convince people that astrology is highly scientific and not just people making up stuff.

“I am getting my information from NASA, doing math and geometry, and I know how to interpret the results. It is not that I make up my forecasts, so I never have writer’s block,” Miller explains. “Readers don’t understand that my IT team doesn’t work just for me. They have their own business and service many clients.

Information from NASA! And also doing math and geometry! So surely it has to be real. I was convinced and checked out my forecast for September. There is a lot of stuff there but here is the best part.

Now I come to one of the loveliest days of the month, and possibly of all of 2014 – September 25. It’s a standout of a day, worthy of five stars, and as rare, as it will be a dazzler for your career and money. Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, now in your second house of earned income, will receive a direct, shimmering beam from Uranus, planet of surprise, in your solar tenth house of career honors, awards, achievement and fame. On September 25, you may score a big professional victory, and have a surprising influx of unexpected cash to boot. Take this day seriously, as it will not be like any other day you’ve seen in years. You can help things along by using this day for a big presentation, interview, or other major career event. You may want to launch a new website or send out a press release on a recent victory. This day is due to be valuable – you’ll see!

So tomorrow is going to be a very big day for me though my schedule seems pretty ordinary at the moment, more boring than usual in fact. But I can hardly wait to see what surprises are in store.. Read this blog on Thursday to see what major goodies fell into my lap, especially the promise of Jupiter receiving “a direct, shimmering beam” from me. I am not sure how that will work biologically and physically but who am I to question the stars that rule my life?

It was interesting that as I read her predictions for me, despite my skepticism, I kept interpreting the vague generalizations in an effort to make them appear true. It was not that hard to do, actually. No wonder so many people swallow this stuff. It is easy to persuade yourself that it fits the facts of your life.


  1. jimmyfromchicago says

    Read this blog on Thursday to see what major goodies fell into my lap…

    Hah! Sounds like a business ploy to drive traffic to your website.

  2. lorn says

    The population of the US is, roughly 310 million. It is hard for me to swallow that 25.8 million of us in the US (310 million/12 astrological signs) will all have the same sort of day.

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