Jon Oliver on the Washington football team’s name

Another football season is about to start and we have the Washington DC football team owner continuing to stick with its current deplorable name despite increasing disapproval and the decision by some reporters and media outlets to refuse to use it. I hope that this football team, like my hometown Cleveland Indians whose racist logo is also contemptible, lose every single game or at the least, never make the playoffs. At the moment, the Indians are well on the way to another season of well-deserved mediocrity and I couldn’t be happier.

Jon Oliver added his voice to the criticism of the Washington team.


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    Haven’t you already run this one before? I forget.

    I still think they ought to rename the team “The Washington Beltway Bandits” or maybe the “Washington Prevaricators” or even just “The Lobbyists”

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    Why not “Washington Braves?” They were called the Boston Braves before the same owner who gave them the insulting new name moved them from Boston. “Braves” is less insulting than the current name, and it expresses no less of whatever spirit the current name is alleged to express.

    Or how about “Washington [name of a tribe once native to the DC area]?”

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