When he talks, ducks listen

I have heard the phrase “get your ducks in a row” but I have never seen it done literally with live ducks. This is pretty impressive. If he could do the same thing with cats, he might make obsolete the ‘herding cats’ metaphor for something that is impossible to do.

Another farmer has a more gentle way of calling his cows in, using music from a trombone.


  1. JPS says

    A friend who lived on a farm would sometimes go out to the pasture to play her euphonium. She said the cows would come to her and listen.
    She also said that her St. Bernard would jump the fence, herd the cows to the far corner of the pasture, lie down for a rest, then herd them back. Evidentially just for fun!

  2. Crimson Clupeidae says

    The thing with the trombone doesn’t surprise me at all. The high school I went to my junior year was surrounded by farmland, and I was in band. This included marching band, and when we went outside, the cows from the nearby farms would crowd into the corners of their enclosures to get closer. I suspect they would have made a good audience.

    They did seem to react more visibly to the deeper instruments, like the tubas and my baritone sax. 🙂

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