Covering all the bases

We know that religious people worry about getting into heaven when they die. But what does one do when there are so many different religions, each with its own prescription for how to get there? Edward Current is worried about this.


  1. permanentwiltingpoint says

    And then, as it happens, it’s Mithras – pity the Christians expurgated all our knowledge of the rituals necessary to win his grace.

  2. Tigger_the_Wing, Back home =^_^= says

    He doesn’t have to wear a colander – Pastafarianism doesn’t have that sort of thing. It has suggestions, and I-really-rather-you-didn’ts.

  3. DsylexicHippo says

    The problem with this is that all those religions he supposedly converted to are all mutually exclusive to each other. He’s got to pick one above others. You know, there are “believers” and then there are “true believers”.

    He didn’t cover Hinduism. That alone would have done the trick. Now that’s one religion that accepts all others in its embrace as being legitimate alternative paths to the same one god, including, believe it or not, atheists! It doesn’t even require you to quit your native religion to come to its fold. How clever is that?

  4. Mano Singham says


    If I am not mistaken, the Baha’i faith is also inclusive of other faiths, though I don’t know if it is that extensive.

  5. Mobius says


    I had an idea for an irreverent cartoon about a Christian that ends up in the hell of Make-make. Turns out ALL the gods are real and if you don’t believe in one, you might end up in his hell.

    Also, as hells go, Make-make’s was rather benign. There was fire, but it didn’t hurt you. And the demons liked to play poker with the damned.

  6. DsylexicHippo says

    @#8, Prof Singham: Actually, Baha’i appears to be even better. Their concept of heaven and hell is totally different. According to them, heaven is when you are nearest to god (in terms of spiritual nearness) and the opposite way for hell. No boiling cauldrons and pitchforks to worry about.

  7. Crimson Clupeidae says

    I actually knew someone (online) who really did believe in all gods. He thought that all gods came into being when we invented them, and continued to exist as long as at least one person still followed (I think maybe he read too much Douglas Adams….). It was a weirdly consistent belief system though, and he was quite well educated in many different religious ideas.

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