How dogs react to magic

A magician shows dogs a treat that he has in his hands and then makes it ‘disappear’. The reaction of the dogs is amusing but I hope they gave the dogs the treats after the camera stopped rolling. I don’t like to tease dogs. They are so trusting.


  1. eigenperson says

    In my experience some dogs love this sort of game — usually the same dogs that love to go fetch the same thing over and over again.

    We tried this sort of thing on my last dog and he was bored stiff by it, but then he never did have much interest in any game other than his favorite, “You Give Me Food and I Eat It.”

  2. Alexis says

    This is the same reaction I get when I give a treat to the dog and he has eaten it. “What? There should be more. Where did the more go?”

  3. moarscienceplz says

    Aijai looked like she was more interested in playing tug than eating a treat, but Coco looked really sad.

  4. Dean says

    I wonder how much of the reaction is due to the fact that dogs can smell so much better than humans can.

  5. Jockaira says

    I’ve encountered fewer than a half-dozen dogs in my life that smell better than humans, but that’s mostly the fault of their human caretakers.

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