Rodd Scheinerman put some chicken nuggets in the toaster oven, turned it on, and left the room with the camera running. Why did he do this? A roast had disappeared out of the oven a few weeks earlier and while he had suspicions about who was responsible, he needed proof and so he set up a sting operation to catch the culprit in the act.

This is what the camera revealed.

(Via Neetzan Zimmerman.)


  1. invivoMark says

    Can’t tell if the dog is smart for being able to get at the chicken, or stupid for trying to stuff his face with a chicken nugget that is way too hot to eat.

  2. Charles Sullivan says

    I’m impressed with how the dog moves the chair into place. Some ethologists might consider that a form of tool use.

  3. spectator says

    That is an amazing video!

    My dog will knock pans off the counter to eat what falls on the floor.

    Cats aren’t strong enough to move chairs. Then again they can jump up to the counter from the floor.
    We have a cat in the house for now until my son finds a place where he can have a pet. I thought I’d win her over with those cat treats. Like a lot of cats, she was afraid of new people and new surroundings. Well it backfired. Now she’s in my lap and meowing at me everytime I sit at the computer.I’m worried she might be getting a little fat for a cat.
    She lets the dog come within 5 feet of her now. But if their eyes should meet at a distance less than that, she hisses loudly to never let the dog forget she hates her. The dog will just cock her head to the side in that cute gesture of puppy intrigue. I thing we have a failure to communicate across mammalian species here.

    Gotta love the internet for cat and dog videos. I grew up thinking cats were something mainly females had as pets. Then the internet spectacularly debunked that myth with male cat owners uploading hours of home made feline video content. Makes me happy to see the love.

  4. Matt G says

    If the dog had just returned the chair to its place (and not dislodged the tray), it would be the perfect crime.

  5. Charles Sullivan says

    @spectator: When “the dog will just cock her head to the side” in response to hissing cat, it’s not a failure of communication across mammalian species. Turning the eyes (and teeth) away from another is a signal among many mammal predators, just as staring at another is a signal. Cats and dogs are both predators. And they live in the same house.

    I think the dog is indicating that she’s not interested in violence by the very act of turning her eyes away.

    I’ve discovered that many dogs appreciate the following pattern when encountering a new dog: Make eye contact briefly, then look away (repeat as needed until comfortable with new dog, with sniffing, etc). As a human, I’ve tried to implement this in relation to interacting with dogs for the first time (without the sniffing, etc). Sometimes it help to turn your head away and act as though you’re now looking at something more interesting than the new dog itself.

  6. mikey says

    That dog earned those nuggets! The humans will just have to devise additional safeguards, which will (temporarily, I’d bet,) keep this pooch out of the food.

    @7: I do the same ‘meet & greet’ stuff, but with the sniffing! (No butts, though….)

  7. says

    That dog prototyped the plan.

    Move chair. Try; no, wrong angle.

    New angle, restart. Success!

    Open oven. Hot.

    New method. Pull quickly. Success!

    Whack one nugget out. Eat it. SUCCESS!


    I love dogs. Thanks for the great laugh.

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