This could have ended badly

Via Gawker, I read this story and watched this news report.

I then watched an interview with the young men. The whole thing is quite heartwarming.

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But what disturbed me is how easily it could have ended up as a tragedy. Given the profiling by the police that is so rampant, all that it would have been needed was for someone to call the police when these four young men were still in the store or just as they were leaving it for them to have been misidentified as criminals. And then who knows what might have happened.


  1. miles says

    Oh man you are right on the money there – in the first video, the store manager said that the cops called her to report a break-in… 3 young black men and a scruffy young white man in a dark store, if the cops showed up thinking it was a break-in while they were still there, Mr. Lauer there might have been discussing how justified the shooting was if it even made the news at all.

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