How things have changed – or not

Now that the oral arguments before the US Supreme Court over the two same-sex marriage cases are over, there has been a ton of commentary and analyses.

This article has a nice brief summary of the legal arguments and what the justices seemed concerned about.

This link gives you directions to find out more on each and every aspect of the cases.

This article compares the arguments made against same-sex marriage with those that were made against inter-racial marriage in that earlier landmark case. The alleged negative effects on children were brought up then and now by opponents of inter-racial and same-sex marriage.


  1. baal says

    I read the articles like the one in Slate (#3 link in OP) and seeing the parallels to interracial marriage is beyond obvious. We look back at the anti-miscegenation laws as part and parcel with the civil rights era KKK level bigoted hate problem. It doesn’t take a huge mental step (yes it is a small one) to put both ideas together and figure out which side of history you want to be on on the SSM issue.

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