Oh, the irony

Mitt Romney damaged himself considerably with his infamous 47% speech, suggesting that this number of people in the US were shiftless layabouts who just wanted to mooch off the hard work of the rest and were the ones who would vote for Obama no matter what.

It turns out that there is a very good possibility that once all the votes are counted, Mitt Romney might end with just 47% share of the popular vote, tying him even more firmly to that number. Currently his vote total is hovering around 47.5% but when more votes come in from heavily Democratic states, his share is expected to drop below that number so it will be rounded down to 47%.

Maybe they will write ‘Killed by the 47%’ on his tombstone, assuming that Mormons have tombstones.


  1. Jockaira says

    Mormons do have tombstones:


    …certainly a good example of a phallically-inspired Marble Orchard with pretensions to serious verbal pomposity. The only things missing would be silken Victorian antimassicars dangling from these rivals of Cleopatra’s Needle.

    Notice how dimunitive are the wive’s headstones in comparison with their Masters’ Majestically Magic Markers.

  2. Jeff Johnson says

    The 47% we can never convince that society plays a role in their success, and who will never be willing to take responsibility as citizens to own up to their obligations to contribute to the larger community we all belong to.

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