Introducing the real Latinos

Given the recent heightened interest in the Latino community after the election, Rep. Luis Gutierrez introduces his Republican colleagues in Congress to the real Latinos in the US, as distinct from the imaginary Latinos that were portrayed during the election.


  1. baal says

    Ha! That was fun. He was spot on on all accounts. I liked that he was moderate in tone but devastating to the (R). He also held out the olive branch and made clear that what he wants is a good way forward even though his eyes are wide open to the noise and hate of the recent (R) towards Hispanic voters.

  2. leni says

    This reminds me of an exchange I had with an acquaintance on Facebook.

    This person actually said that he though Mexicans (in particular) were “lazy” because they couldn’t be bothered to use the legal route to emigrate.

    Yes, he maintained this attitude even after I explained to him what people face trying to get across the border. Rape, robbery, murder, any exploitation you can think of. Only to face deportation once they got here.

    And the best word this idiot had for that was “lazy”.

    And still so many Republicans can’t figure out why they lost? What planet do these idiots live on?

  3. thecalmone says

    Just out of interest – in the US are Brazilians classed as “Latinos”, given that they are not “Hispanic”?

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