Introducing the Malcolm Gladwell Book Generator

Malcolm Gladwell has made a name for himself by publishing superficial books that basically promotes a simple theory for everyday phenomena and cherry picking data to support it. He is a good writer and when you read his books his argument initially sounds plausible and it is only later you discover that things are a lot more complicated than he lets on and that his favorite theory either has strong competitors or powerful counter-arguments.

Anyone who has read a Gladwell book (I have read two The Tipping Point and Blink) tends to think, “I could have written that”. The trick is finding a catchy title for a trivial thesis.

But via Boing Boing, I learned of a website that gives people Gladwell-style book ideas. (Click on each book cover to advance to the next suggestion.)

Now you too can write a bestselling pop psychology book!


  1. says

    Appears to be a gallery rather than a generator. Still, I kind of want to know what kittens’ tongues teach us about derivatives. Can’t be a worse waste of time than The Tipping Point was.

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