Obama worshippers

I recently had a conversation with a liberal friend and pointed out how shocking it was that Obama had asserted the right to summarily order the killing of American citizens abroad. My friend was not aware of this until I told him. I expected him to be appalled but instead he said that he trusted Obama to do the right thing and that if he ordered such a killing, the person probably deserved to die. When I continued to criticize Obama for his assertion of autocratic powers, he asked me whether I would vote for Obama or Michele Bachmann in the next election. He seemed to think that this argument clinched his case.

I find such attitudes truly incredible. Even if people think that Obama is a good guy looking out for the interests of ordinary folks (a doubtful proposition at best), it is astonishing that they are unconcerned that whatever dictatorial powers they give to him will also be available for use by any future president, including a Bachmann.

The protection of freedoms and civil liberties has to lie in the hands of laws and constitutional protections that are vigilantly guarded, not in assuming the good intentions of individuals.


  1. Steve LaBonne says

    I used to try to make the same point to Republicans- had they really thought about the fact that Bush’s newly invented powers would eventually be exercised by a Democrat? The Imperial Presidency is a ratchet.

  2. says

    Arthur Schlesinger’s immortal phrase resonates more clearly than ever, but don’t expect to hear it used much on the campaign trail. With the possible exception of Ron Paul, everyone wants to be an emperor (or empress).

    Let’s face it, the next generation of progressives will be expressing the same lament twenty years from now. It will take complete penury -- akin to Britain’s predicament after WWII -- to force a retreat from empire. And look out for the identity crisis that will follow.

  3. Tim says

    How does it serve the oligarchy to put forward people like Bachmann and Palin? The fact that these people get national attention is astounding to me.

  4. says


    It doesn’t. My guess is that the oligarchy hates the thought of people like Palin and Bachmann winning because they are totally loose cannons, and you will see them being criticized from the right quite a lot. It has already started.

  5. None says

    “How does it serve the oligarchy to put forward people like Bachmann and Palin?”

    Because the Oligarchs always believe they can control Savonaraola ? Witness the recent dustup with the Tea Party over the downgrade.

  6. says

    Barack Obama is probably the only American president in recent times, which is perceived positively (as a person, not a politician), the former Soviet Union.
    Surprisingly, even the reason for this is unclear: perhaps because of the color, whether it be due to a charming smile, or because of his wife, who puts vegetables in front of the White House.

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