Murderous people serving ‘peace-loving’ religions

Some of you may have heard about the ‘World Trade Center cross‘. Extracted from the wreckage of the WTC buildings were two steel girders in the form of a cross. Girders are usually welded at right angles to each other so discovering wreckage in this shape was not surprising but for a nation that is remarkably good at seeing Jesus even in pieces of toast, this was taken as some sort of miraculous sign from god, though it beats me what possible positive message could be extracted from the carnage. Maybe it is supposed to be like the rainbow after Noah’s flood which symbolized god saying, “Hey, my bad” after he killed almost every living thing of the planet.


Some religious people have elevated this piece of wreckage into a religious icon, blessing it, praying around it, worshipping it, doing the usual things that religious people do, and they now want to make it part of the official 9/11 memorial. Since the memorial is a public institution funded by the government, American Atheists have sued to stop it, arguing that inserting something that has been made into a religious symbol violates the separation of church and state.

Fox News had a segment about this in which a spokesperson for American Atheists and a first responder at 9/11 debated the merits of the case.

Watch the latest video at

Notice the program host badgering the atheist spokesperson but that is not unusual for a network that has an overt Christian ideology. What was interesting was that the news program’s bulletin board was flooded with over 8,000 messages, many urging that the atheist spokesperson, and indeed all atheists, should be killed! Although the moderators are trying to remove these posts as fast as they come in, screen shots give a fascinating glimpse into the minds of religious people.

So let’s take stock. A bunch of Muslims decided that killing nearly 3,000 people is what their god would approve of while a bunch of Christians call for the killing of all atheists as something they think their god would approve of. They see no contradiction between their religion and what they advocate.

And we are repeatedly told that religions advocate peace.


  1. says

    “And we are repeatedly told that religions advocate peace.”

    Religions don’t advocate anything, people do.

    People devise religions and sects within religions. Some of those people are peaceful, some not.

    Similarly there are scientists who have been peaceful and some not.

  2. says

    “And we are repeatedly told that religions advocate peace.”

    Religions don’t advocate anything. People do.

    Some people are peaceful, some not.

    Scientists are people too. Some are peaceful, some not.

  3. says

    I agree with ‘healthphysicist’

    Men try to veil their wickedness and then think that calling it Gods will can justify their actions in order to get their way… but their deceitfulness is not lost to God, whether Christian, Muslim or any other religion… because God sees the heart of men… so don’t be fooled by wicked men because the Word says ‘God is not mocked’ and these men will stand before Him one day… as we all will…

  4. Scott says

    Putting aside the hateful Christians, what surprises me (although it shouldn’t) is how Christians interpret the WTC cross as a symbol of “enduring faith, etc.” To me, a cross buried in rubble is a symbol that God has forsaken us and that faith has failed.

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