Man puts wife on the no-fly list

I have written before about how the US government uses the secrecy of the no-fly list to put people into involuntary exile as a form of punishment and coercion.

Now a UK security official has used it to solve a personal problem, such as freeing himself of the presence of his troublesome wife for three years by secretly inserting her name on the list while she was visiting her relatives overseas. As is the case, airline and immigration officers refused to tell her why she could not travel back to England.

He got caught when he applied for a promotion that required a new security check that unearthed the fact that his wife was on a terrorist watch list.

Apart from his legal troubles, he now also has to face his wife…


  1. Steve LaBonne says

    Thank goodness this could never happen in the US since we elected a teacher of constitutional law as President. [/snark]

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