Ethnic cleansing of Palestinians in the occupied territories

Juan Cole describes what is going on in the occupied territories as Israeli settlers set fire to girls schools and mosques, destroy olive groves, take over land, and dump their sewage on Palestinian vineyards, all in the effort to force Palestinians out.


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    There is nothing surprising here. This has been happening for years yet the west would not pay attention…

    “The world reacts in horror when the Taliban in Afghanistan torch girls’ schools.”
    very rightly so… it watches in horror because the news makes it to every news media channel, press, forum both online and offline. These things are widely propagated when it happens in Afghanistan or Iraq. It gives the US administration a feeble straw to hold on to. To justify the war to the uninformed masses and to brainwash.

    reporting these atrocities by Israelis is not in their interest.

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