That lost weekend

I think I’m recovered from my horrendous Shingrix vaccination — still a bit wobbly and fatigued, but progress has been made. The terrible thing is that we had a sunny, 25°C weekend, great for spiders, and I mostly missed it, and now we’re about to have a couple of days of heavy rain.

I will say that if you’re at risk of shingles you should get this potentially temporarily debilitating vaccine because shingles is so much worse.


  1. Nerd of Redhead, Dances OM Trolls says

    The best way to avoid shingles is getting and keeping ones childhood chicken pox vaccines up to date. Parents can do their children a big favor by doing so.

  2. robro says

    Glad to hear you’re recovering, PZ. The other thread was interesting for the range of experiences folks have had with Shingrix. I suspect other vaccines are similar. I assume research into that phenomena is ongoing.

  3. says

    Dunno if I had Shingrix or the other one but I had a slightly achey arm and felt a bit tired out after I had my 2nd dose shingles vax last week. Maybe I’m just lucky but I’ll make a sacrifice to the Atheist Gods anyway ;-)

  4. rabbitbrush says

    I had shingles, oh, about 20 years ago. They used to tell you that if you’ve had shingles, that’s it. You only get it once, and then you are immune. That tune changed, so a few years later I got the first iteration shingles vaccine, Zostavax; and another Zostavax a few years after that. And then, in 2019, the dreaded Shingrix. I figured, what with having had shingles and then those subsequent vaccinations against shingles, it would be a piece of cake. NOT! That first shot knocked me flat for more than two days. All the described symptoms. I almost didn’t get the second shot because the first one was so awful. But I got it. And…nothing! Nothing but a slightly sore arm just as from a flu vax. Every body is different.

  5. says

    My great grandmother had shingles and she. Was. In. PAIN. Like, excruciating pain. For weeks. I’ll be getting that vaccine in a couple of years; it will suck but it’s better than the alternative.

  6. wcaryk says

    My girlfriend could not raise her arm for several weeks after her second injection.

    I had no problem myself; I also had no bad reactions to actually contracting shingles before I got the vaccinations. I was fortunate; some people are left with lifelong neuralgia.

  7. Steve Morrison says

    I guess I’m one of the lucky ones; I had no reaction at all to my first dose of Shingrix, and only a few mild chills for a few hours after my second. (And I had two other vaccines at the same time as the second dose!) Hope you’re back to normal soon, PZ.

  8. imback says

    After I got my second Shingrix shot in 2021, the arm where I received it was sore and weak for four solid months before finally getting better just days after discussing with my doctor about seeing a specialist.

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