1. ardipithecus says

    He’s right that there are better ways of wealth redistribution than wealth taxes, but that does not justify the implied conclusion that there should not be wealth taxes. Second best is better than nothing.

  2. wzrd1 says

    I trust everyone.
    To look out for their own self-interest.

    But, he’s absolutely right, why a billion dollars poorer, he’d be living on the streets or something. Unlike me, who is a short step from living on the streets again. Next time, I’ll probably explore the river instead.
    Or give due consideration on usage and care of a guillotine…

  3. andrewpang says

    Regarding that “too much democracy” article in the end, the actual article itself was written in the context of the 2016 Brexit vote The author writes: “I’m a big fan of liberal representative democracy, which happens to be the system of government of most democracies in the world. […] But it’s also fair to point out that the negative consequences of the vote, as well as the mendacity of the leaders of the Leave campaign. […] pointing out that Leave was a really stupid decision isn’t anti-democratic. It’s just a fact of life.”
    That’s why it’s important to read articles not just headlines!

  4. says

    I have always posited, based on personal experience and factual research, that bezeroes and AMAZ0N are criminals. They started out business bullying a wonderful small bookstore to get their domain name. There are currently article detailing a few of their many crimes: › en-us › money › other › amazon-s-secret-pricing-scheme-made-it-an-extra-1-billion-ftc-says › ar-AA1jhSnF
    FTC: Amazon Basically Screwed Every Company Not Named Amazon
    I wish someone (this is only my wish, I would want to do it legally and ethically) would put this into action: bezeroes should be drawn and quartered. AMAZ0N should be destroyed.

  5. imback says

    The Washington Post editorial board does indeed lean neoliberal. They would say there is a variety of voices on its full staff, and that is true. But that does not relieve much its overall Beltway capitalist establishment Weltanschauung, or what I have seen called the portmanteau Beltanschauung.