1. René says

    @ 違う:
    I sometimes feel the need for an imperative in the past tense.
    This is such an occasion:

    Had fun!

    PZ will not read your imperative before the fun. ;-)

  2. René says

    Come to think of it; in my mother tongue, Dutch, we do have a kind of past imperative.

    Had maar eerder geluisterd


  3. opposablethumbs says

    ¡que lo hayan pasado bien!
    um, nearest I can get to a sortofa kindofa past imperative :-)

  4. birgerjohansson says

    Chigau@ 3
    The language of Gallifrey is probably designed to deal with this issue.

  5. Taneli Huuskonen says

    René @5,6: In my native Finnish, the general rules of the grammar can applied to form an imperative in the perfect tense, but I can’t recall hearing or seeing anyone actually use it outside of contrived textbook examples. Anyway, my English wish was the word-by-word translation of the Finnish equivalent, ”Ole pitänyt hauskaa!”
    Ik vind trouwens nederlands een heel lekker taal. Dutch <3