Mother and her lovely children-to-be

I know, I get complaints when I post spider photos here, but this one is just so pretty and the spider is so proud. It’s a Steatoda borealis female, she just made an egg sac this morning, and look at all those shiny smooth glistening eggs, and the elaborate tangle of silk surrounding it! How can you not love it?


  1. =8)-DX says

    The other day I accidentally leant against a large spider web when walking around my relatives’ garden. The large (are all spiders who make round webs orb weavers?) web was so big and strong that it remained intact even after I had leant away from it again. Webs are constructs of exquisite aesthetic and practical beauty.

  2. birgerjohansson says

    Film idea: mutant spiders that insert their egg sacs into the ears of sleeping people.
    Spider webs with enzymes that dissolve the skin of people.
    Spiders that evolve mutualism with Brazilian killer bees.
    (It is after midnight in Sweden, this is when I get my most ‘excentric’ ideas)

  3. seachange says

    The Duchess of Orange, my preying mantis of this year really likes my blood orange essential oil that I have to watch out and make sure she doesn’t land on me. She won’t let go before she is ready.

    She seems to have left some spiders behind instead of devouring most of them like previous years’ mantises that have lived in my garden. There are jumpers that are hiding in the corners of bricks and the webbers hiding their horizontally oriented orbs above the mulch pretty successfully. Perhaps it is all the rain we’ve been getting?

    When I water I am gently misting near their hiding places so they have something to drink without getting exposed. They all come out for a sip? Or at least for the cool-down.