Children’s events — successfully poisoned by the right wing

Here’s more of what we can expect from the kinds of assholes who listen to the current conservative mania. Heidi Starr’s nine-year-old daughter was participating in a track and field event when…

“As my daughter was preparing to get up and throw, a man came out of the crowd, stepped forward and walked towards a parent volunteer and said, ‘This is a girls’ event — why are boys throwing?'” Starr told CBC News.

Starr said she then intervened and corrected the man, whose granddaughter was also participating in the event.

“Then the gentleman started insisting that I provide documentation in the form of a certificate proving that my daughter was born a girl,” Starr said.

Starr added that the man’s wife was also shouting at Starr and Starr’s ex-wife, saying they were “genital mutilators and groomers.”

The asshole denies shouting, claiming all he did was ask for a gender certificate, like that was totally inoffensive.

You might wonder how the daughter reacted to all this — as you might expect.

“She was physically vibrating. She was sobbing. She was in and out of tears all day till bedtime that day,” Starr said.

Given that, I won’t hesitate to post the assholes’ photo and names.

Josef and Krista Tesar

Sports are supposed to be fun. It’s hard to enjoy anything when jerks like that are prowling about questioning the participants identities and right to be there.


  1. Akira MacKenzie says

    Oh, this asshole has got “Retied PE Sadist” written all over him. I bet he could regale you for hours with his long and repetitive retelling of how he scored big at the championship sports ball game that one time, then go into a racist rant.

  2. raven says

    The asshole denies shouting, claiming all he did was ask for a gender certificate, …

    This is obvious child abuse.

    .1. There is no such thing as a gender certificate.

    This happened in British Columbia, Canada so I checked by putting, “What is a gender certificate in Canada mean” into Google.

    .2. He has no right to ask for it or look at it anyway.

    There is no such thing as a gender certificate and no such thing as the gender police either.
    I’m sure he doesn’t have a gender police badge.

    If the organizers of this event have their wits about them, he should have a court restraining order against future contact with children and children’s events against him instead.

  3. wzrd1 says

    Demand his gender certificate be shown immediately or his genitalia will be confiscated and sectioned for microanalysis to determine his sex.

  4. raven says

    While Canada or BC doesn’t issue gender certificates, they do have new rules for documents at the Federal level. You can identify as X on Federal documents.

    There is no comment yet from the gender police on this.

    Canadians can now identify as gender “X” on their passports › notices › gender-x-documents

    Jun 4, 2019 — Canadians can now identify as gender “X” on their passports. … travel document, citizenship certificate or permanent resident card.

    It is similar at the Province level although not in British Columbia.

    Do they put gender on birth certificates in Canada?

    X has been added as an option for gender identity in Ontario, Newfoundland and Labrador, Alberta, Yukon and the Northwest Territories. Saskatchewan and Ontario have the option to not display the sex field on the birth certificate. The federal government uses X on passports.Sep 19, 2018

  5. Silentbob says

    Of course, it’s not an incidental detail that the child’s parents are a lesbian couple.

    Transphobia is just the new homophobia (not that the original ever went away).

  6. wzrd1 says

    raven @ 3, the UK offers gender certificates upon request, couldn’t find any who automatically issue such things, but a handful of other nations do offer them as well – although, not Canada.
    Search phrase “gender certificate by nation”.
    Entertainingly, 20 nations offer said certificates by request and self-certification. Canada, Australia and Mexico being federations, allow provinces to manage such things. Just as the US has states manage birth and marriage certificates (I imagine that without my birth certificate, I’m unborn and if I lose my wife’s death certificate, she’ll be undead to some idiots).
    But, when I did a search “gender certificate British Columbia”, it returned gender on birth certificate. So, he’s demanding to sniff unicorn farts.

  7. says

    I wonder if he would have done the same thing if had been a boy with long hair participating in track and field. Because girls can only have long hair and boys can only have short hair, dontchaknow.

  8. wzrd1 says

    Oh, the idiot didn’t demand a gender certificate. The story mentions certificate, which would be a birth certificate.
    Because, everyone’s unborn unless they carry their birth certificate on their person when in public or something.
    School is banning him from school events, the girl’s parents rightly complained to the RCMP, who are investigating and the last time I looked, the BC Prosecution Service tends to take a dim view of accosting minor children in such a manner.

  9. R. L. Foster says

    I demand to see Krista Tesar’s gender certificate. I’m pretty sure she’s a guy in drag. Keep her out of the women’s restroom until she provides the docs! I’m not so sure about Josef, either. Those big biceps are red flag for me. Probably on hormone therapy.

  10. raven says

    School is banning him from school events,…

    Why was he even there?

    From the photo, they are old enough that it doesn’t look like they have school age children at the school. Possibly grandchildren.

    Or were they just there to play gender police and harass 9 year old kids?
    They need to find another hobby that doesn’t involve children’s lives.

  11. numerobis says

    Per the story, the girl is cis and has a haircut that is normally associated with women or girls.

  12. numerobis says

    raven: as mentioned in the parts that PZ quoted, their granddaughter was there.

  13. robro says

    Easy to miss the homophobic aspect of this incident. The mother, Heidi Starr, was there with her “partner” or “ex-wife” (referred to in both ways in the article), Amber Anderson. The Tesar’s are jerks. I wonder how horrified their granddaughter was.

  14. says

    All those christian men wearing dresses in “church” – a bunch of “groomers” for sure – shouldn’t they be carrying gender certificates?

  15. wzrd1 says

    I’d guess that the granddaughter wanted to be anywhere else. My question is, was the grandmother mortified or agreeing?
    Well, that’s a question for the community, when deciding who to ostracize. Oh wait, that’s canceling, abominable behavior is only to be punished against centrists and the left, I forgot myself…

  16. robro says

    wzrd1 — The article says “the man’s wife was also shouting at Starr and Starr’s ex-wife, saying they were “genital mutilators and groomers.”

  17. wzrd1 says

    Oops, dyslexic reading. Thanks!
    So, two for the price of one ostracized. And embraced by the asshole segment of the community.
    I miss the old days, when Canadians were nice and polite! Why, twice they politely escorted our army back to our side of the border… ;)

  18. says

    Well, reading these comments, I am pleased, but not surprised, that at least some people are outraged at this example of violent, thug-like child abuse and bigotry. If they were quick-witted, they would have demanded to see his ‘Certificate of Rabies Vaccination’. This kind of behavior is becoming more violent, more frequent and is presented as if it is ‘normal’ and even, at times, ‘acceptable’, by the media. Look at Andy Biggs the AZ Ahole who talks about tRUMP indictment causing a state of war, calling for an eye for an eye. There are too many more examples. I see violent, thug-like behavior around me, too. It is sad that apparently there needs to be ‘policing’ of what should be enjoyable every-day events. Welcome to the apocalypse!

  19. ardipithecus says

    The perpetrators have been officially banned from all future events. RCMP are investigating, though they’re not saying just what (assault, sexual abuse being two possibilities). Lots of outrage, no sign of justifications being reported – good to see.

  20. Oggie: Mathom says

    Lots of outrage, no sign of justifications being reported

    Well, DUH. That’s Canada. The Woke nation that is so Against itself that it’s National anthem is an Afterthought: Oh, Canada. And their woke forest management caused the fires that Turned the East Coast of Uhmercuh into a martian Landscape because of the totally harmless smoke!

  21. numerobis says

    robro: her partner and her ex-wife are two different people. She was there with her ex for their daughter’s event which happened to be on her birthday.

  22. robro says

    numerobis @ #26 — Thanks for the clarification. The article doesn’t make the relationships clear, although that’s perhaps no so important as that the asshole attacks a little girl and her mother perhaps in part because mom is in a relationship he disapproves of.

  23. numerobis says

    From the CBC article: Heidi Starr is one mom, Kari Starr is her ex (and presumably also the child’s mom), the partner is Amber Anderson. The kid is not named, by request, but is said to be cis and have a girl’s haircut. The dog is not named, for reasons unknown, but is cute. And I misread that it was the girl’s birthday; it was instead a week before her 10th.

    The asshole who went ballistic over good parents supporting their child is, correctly, the key point in the story, so it’s a bit disjointed for the other details.

    The assholes’ granddaughter is also not named, to protect the innocent. Hopefully she avoids getting infected by this mind virus.

  24. laurian says

    “Show me your kid’s vagina or I’ll throw a fit!” shrieked the fcking perverts.

  25. tacitus says

    The Tesars have given their side of events:

    The Kelowna resident, in a written statement read aloud to Castanet News, says he was watching his granddaughter compete when he noticed what he thought was a boy ready to compete.

    He says he walked over to an official to ask if the event was co-ed.

    “I never yelled towards the girl. I went to the official in private and asked one only question if this a mixed competition” he said.

    Tesar said he was told the event was “girls only.” He said he replied to the official that he thought there was a boy in line with the other competitors.

    “As I was walking away from the official, a woman saying ‘I’m her mother’ and [she was] yelling, and swearing at me and offering if I want to see [the girl] naked, or if I want to see her genitals,” he continued.

    “I said ‘No, the certificate is OK.’ That’s all I said. I never pointed to another girl and said she’s obviously trans. That is a big lie as well.”

    Starr has claimed Tesar demanded certification to prove that her daughter was born female. Starr also claims that Tesar’s wife Krista yelled out at her calling her a “genital mutilator, a groomer, and a pedophile.”

    “I said something appropriate. Not those words. … Maybe something like ‘F off,'” Krista Tesar said Tuesday.

    So, even if you accept his version as accurate, he still questions an “official” (basically just a volunteer teacher or parent helping to run the event) “in private” but clearly loud enough for the parents to hear that he believed a boy was competing and when confronted by an angry parent for sticking his nose in where it didn’t belong, he snarkily respond that a “certificate would be okay.”

    So yeah, even the most generous reading of events doesn’t make it any better. He should have kept his trap shut and trusted that the people running the competition had enough sense to know what they were doing.

    But it’s hard to be that generous to someone who appears to be a wannabe Andrew Tate. His tagline (“The Father You Wish You Had”) is cringe enough, but his website ( is something else.

  26. gijoel says

    So they’re protecting women from predatory men sneaking into toilets, by yelling at children?

    Is this the sort of behaviour JK Rowling, or Graham Linehan would support. You bet your arse they would.

    Lately I’ve been having George Carlin’s ghost yelling in my head. He’s been telling me that the reason the right is so anit-woke is that they don’t want you to wake up. They don’t want you to wake up and realize that they’re sucking money from your wallet, while forcing you to piss into a bottle at work cause you can’t take a toilet break. They don’t want you to wake up to their bullshit and are targeting trans-kids and trans-adults so that regressive arseholes don’t realize how hard the rich are fucking them over.

  27. wzrd1 says

    gijoel, you give the anti-woke crowd way too much credit. They’re not consciously doing any of that, they’re simply following the marching orders of their betters, who represent those rich fucking over types.
    Keep ’em dumb, keep ’em compliant, keep ’em quiet is their watchwords from upstairs, direction to rank and file, “you are under attack, so attack all of them without mercy or quarter”. It’s worked well in the past – well, until the French National Razor comes out. As there were few survivors, there was no way to pass that experience onward.
    So, we get some that read a little Machiavelli and become one trick ponies, ala Dick Nixon and Ronnie Raygun both embracing only the madman theory of statesmanship or we get the rest, using Orwell as an instruction manual, with the 5 minutes of hate being extended to weeks or months.
    I’ll have to sit down and read all of Machiavelli writing, what bits I looked at previously and got distracted away from were tricks that were trivially countered.
    Such as madman method, ignore the madman and deny him or her their goal – especially if they pull a Nixon and don’t make that goal clear. Nixon was forced to stop the provocative arctic “surveys” with nuclear armed B-52’s along Russian borders, as the Russians refused to react more than keeping an eye via interceptors on the bombers. North Vietnam ignored Nixon, as even if Nixon bombed Russia, Russia isn’t Vietnam and neither nation would be in any shape to interfere further in the worst case, best case they get what they want by doing nothing.
    There was one benefit of that insanely expensive, extremely high risk escapade, it drove Kissinger nuts.
    And it showed the entire planet that Nixon didn’t understand Machiavelli at all.

  28. Shamika Shirke says

    It is truly disheartening to hear about incidents like the one you described at the children’s track and field event. It is deeply disturbing that individuals would feel entitled to question a child’s gender identity and demand documentation in such a disrespectful manner. This type of behavior is not only invasive but also harmful to the emotional well-being of the child and their family.

    Children’s events should be a safe and inclusive space where all participants can enjoy themselves without fear of judgment or discrimination. It’s unfortunate that these individuals chose to inject their narrow-minded views into what should have been a joyful and supportive environment.

    Sharing the names and photos of the individuals involved can be a way to hold them accountable for their actions, although it’s important to be mindful of potential legal and ethical implications when doing so. Nevertheless, raising awareness about these incidents can help shed light on the importance of promoting inclusivity and respect in all areas of society, including children’s events.

    It is my hope that such incidents serve as reminders to foster an environment of acceptance and understanding, where everyone can feel comfortable participating regardless of their gender identity or any other aspect of their identity.

  29. wcaryk says

    As Autobot Silverwynde pointed out, the jerkoff is getting absolutely brutalized on his Facebook page.

  30. numerobis says


    his website ( is something else.

    Seems to be Junior’s website, not Senior’s. So the rot is at least two generations.

  31. wzrd1 says

    Naw, too gentle. Shot put. Leave them depart after one leaves a good impression on them.

    When my daughters were going to the fencing academy, while waiting for their class to end, I was invited to a bout with two of the academy team’s members. One, a Bulgarian gentleman in his mid to late 20’s was fairly easy to take down, as his favored move was a roaring charge and power moves, so avoiding bats, rather than riposte made it a simple matter to get inside of his guard and strike. Well, that and advancing during a charge and stop at a half pace within his charge, making him then have to counter his own momentum.
    The other member was a young lady of around 12, she cleaned my clock. Lightning fast, mentally and physically and both are critical in fencing – especially in foil. After, she wanted to learn more on my control, as I preferred a straight French grip to their Belgian pistol grips. Why move the entire wrist, when a roll of the fingers redirects the weapon’s point? The instructors even stopped to watch, then listen.
    Turned out she was the academy champion. Fun afternoon for all, I learned a few move improvements. If she didn’t end up on our Olympic team, there is no justice!
    I’m surprised that I did so well, given I was in my early 40’s at the time. The next time I picked up a foil was when our daughter came home on break from college and mentioned she was the school fencing team captain. Won a bout in the driveway, but one knee was twice normal size by the time we were done.

    A hell of a lot of sexually segregated sports don’t benefit at all in any direction by remaining segregated. Any that disagree, I’ll happily invite to watch a men’s rugby match, then the women’s and see if they want a go with either team. I’ll not join them, I have no desire to see a trail of my body parts occupying an entire pitch.
    Just from running…
    Hell, a 3.5 mile (5.6 km) walk to and from the store yesterday has me sore as hell today, with one knee enraged and my SI joint screaming profanities at me.