Also, I get more email

When the gender essentialist scum get stirred up on Twitter, that also means my in-box becomes a cloaca. A representative example:

Your twitter account looks like it belongs to a psychopath. You retweeted something from another psychopath re Libs of Tiktok’s children’s book claiming she was presenting a ram as a ewe. She wasn’t. He didn’t open up the book to let people see the full illustration which shows a ram and a ewe.

Your page looks like it belongs to a man with a perverted interest in spiders (why not? I mean we have furries and adult diapers wearers). Apparently you don’t understand there are two sexes in humans, although apparently there are in spiders.🤡

There’s no point in arguing with them. The kind of doofus who assumes that saying “sex is more complicated than a simple binary” means “I don’t believe sex exists” is too thick to waste time on.

Also, defending Libs of Tiktok is too deranged.


  1. weylguy says

    The email’s last sentence doesn’t make grammatical sense. But then neither does the emailer.

  2. birgerjohansson says

    The late Ed Brayton had a friend who got a lot of hate mail that was unintentionally entertaining. Your specimen fell a bit short.
    You need to cultivate an even dumber kind of troll. Maybe you should hint that you are Jewish?

  3. wzrd1 says

    Well, since professors of biology don’t understand basic biology, they also shouldn’t trust those sorcerers and witches every ignorant type that ignores the bible calls physicians and pharmacists, so when they have a stroke or heart attack, they need to call a priest or minister and avoid physicians and hospitals under pain of hellfire.
    I literally heard that tripe from a minister. The following week, much of the 12 step program preaching was instead doing damage control over Minister Witches and Sorcerers preaching. A must, as the number of mentally ill present was quite high, as was the shelter’s legal liability.
    I’m sure that damage control had nothing to do with a video clip that somehow found its way into some state offices…

    I also heard the tripe about furries, with claims by multiple speakers that they witnessed litter boxes in children’s rest rooms in schools. What these rather ancient men were doing in school rest rooms is beyond me.
    Oddly, not a one, despite claiming to have photographic proof, could produce such photographic proof.
    I quietly explained to the individual the penalties under Leviticus for such falsehoods under color of faith and slander, which involved the hurling of heavy stones at one’s person and my own intolerance to such misbehavior. Suffice it to say, my explanation was just as frothy mouthed as their blathering and oddly, I only saw one of the speakers since.
    Yesterday, to be precise, as I was leaving a dollar store, he was outside and literally ran into two doors to run inside of the store as I was hobbling out.
    Yeah, I used to terrorize terrorists for a living. Nice to see that I’ve not lost my touch.
    It’s never what you’ll actually do that counts, it’s what the mutt fears that you may do that actually counts.

    Which reminds me of sliding my hand on the railing going down the stairs in that shelter and found it sodden with… ewe!

    @birgerjohansson, I thought PZ was a Druisih Prinster! Maybe I need to get new hearing aids.
    I’ll just get my schwartz…

  4. call me mark says

    @wzrd1: There is actually a kernel of truth in the “litter boxes in schools” thing. After all, the kids need somewhere to pee when a school shooter turns up.

  5. wzrd1 says

    @call me mark, they’re invited to do what I did, soil their underwear.
    Although, I did have the unfair advantage of being military, armed and allowed to return the favor. Not recommended for schools, where exclusion is optimal.

    Way back during the last Ice Age, when I was in school, we had a rod and gun club. No firearms were allowed on school property and there were precisely zero complaints. None brought their fishing gear there either, as there was no fishing allowed on dry land. We brought the appropriate equipment to the location it was to be used in a safe manner. So, nobody got injured with a hook, net or firearm.
    Once at water or the range, the usual boo-boo’s ensued, pinched or pierced fingers, but nothing major and only a few hooks were destroyed.

  6. StonedRanger says

    Ending the Email with the clown emoji as the signature was like frosting on the cake.

  7. StevoR says

    @5. call me mark : That reichwing Murdoch myth has been spewed over in Oz too with equal lack of substance – See our ABC’s Media Watch segment on it (or read transcript too) here :

    One of so many silly false stories the liars on the regressive recihwing keep vomiting up like hairballs.

    No surprise that nobody has come forward with any supporting evidence or specifics since this aired.

  8. Alt-X says

    “perverted interest in spiders” lol! They don’t realise it says more about them than anything else.