We haven’t gotten rid of her yet

She’s wearing us out. Yesterday we tried feeding the granddaughter to the triceratops in the science building.

Unfortunately, we didn’t take into account that the triceratops is a plant-eater, so she easily escaped. We don’t have a T. rex in the building.

Also, it’s a fossil cast lacking in digestive fluids or masticating muscles.


  1. microraptor says

    Oh, that brings back memories of going to the Franklin Institute and Smithsonian Museum of Natural History when I was around that age.

  2. René says

    You could have fed her to a blue tit lacking some nutrients.
    [small] I learnt foday that blue tits have been shown to eat bats brains.[/small]

  3. chrislawson says

    The triceratops might not have eaten her, but it still could have stomped her. You can’t trust ’em just because they’re plant-eaters!

    In Australian stats, the top causes of death by animal are #1 horses, #2 cows, #4 kangaroos, #6 bees, and even the carnivorous #3 dogs and #5 snakes are not killing humans for food. In Africa, the biggest killers are hippos and elephants.

  4. hillaryrettig1 says

    Everyone check out the adorable doting Grandpa look on PZ at upper left. So different from his usual tough-guy scientist mien!

  5. StevoR says

    @5 chrislawson : Exactly and it seems quite likely the grumpy herbivororus ceratopsians, ankylosaurs & stegosaurs could have been similarly really aggressive, nasty and deadly back in the Mesozoic. Just think of the damage those horns, thagomisers and tail clubs could do…

  6. StevoR says

    PS. Perhaps this is silly but has anyone looked into the idea of stegosaurs using their back plates to make noise by clapping them together as some form of communication or intimidation?

    PS At #10. John Morales : Obviously. Unless there’s some news concenrning the Hawaiian god (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pele_(deity) ) I’m unaware of?

    PPS. Doco on tonight in Oz – ABC TV c

    Dinosaurs Of The Frozen Continent
    Sunday, 1 Jan
    Series 1 | Episode 1
    11:34 PM – 12:25 AM [51 mins] gCCRepeat

    The new expedition to the ice continent of Antarctica begins. Scientists arrive at their camp on Shackleton glacier, located in the Transantarctic mountains, to begin their 6 week-long dig.

    On late but its a public holiday tomorrow and I can’t sleep usually anyhow so ..