The unnoticed killer

Well, this is an unexpected ploy. The flu epidemic of 1918 didn’t kill people, it was all those cases of bacterial pneumonia generated by wearing masks.

(Don’t go after Gregory, he’s being sarcastic.)

It makes one wonder. So all those medical professionals who have been wearing masks routinely for the past century must have been suffering tragic levels of mortality thanks to pneumonia, I guess? Have doctors and nurses been dropping dead at alarming rates and no one noticed until INITIALS+STRING OF NUMBERS came along?

You know what else? Now I suspect that Jason, Michael, and Ghostface didn’t actually kill anyone. It was all the masks! It makes sense now!


  1. Louis says

    What upsets me most about these people who are loudly shouting about The Truth (TM) of masks killing people is that this distracts from a true historical tragedy, The Bowling Green Massacre. I heard about a similar massacre Last Night In Sweden too.

    Teech Teh Condrovrzee!


  2. hemidactylus says

    You overlooked an important masked crusader, Bane. This video helped keep me sane during the early days of the pandemic before my five mRNA spike encoding shots:

    I so wanted a Bane mask back then. But yeah all the professionals donning masks all these years are fine. I had read stuff that masks, especially due to poor fit, could cause eye irritation. I experienced this. Washing my masks regularly was important since gross stuff could accumulate if not hygienic. Regardless of whether people are still wearing them, their downsides were more comfort than health, so the hyperbole of masks greatly harming people is ridiculous.

    I haven’t worn one for quite some time now and seem to be doing ok so far. If we have more of a spike or surge than that oscillating plateau we just passed through over the past several months I will reconsider.

  3. robro says

    I’m sure JK2435 based the claim on rigorous studies of the records to compare death rates among those who routinely wore masks versus those not wearing masks. Yes, I’m sure of it. Incidentally, I have evidence the moon is made of soft cheese.

    I will continue to mask in enclosed places with other people, particularly where there are crowds of people, although I generally avoid crowded places. That’s not just a COVID precaution, but to limit my exposure to any number of diseases transmitted through the air. At my age and with my heart health, it’s necessary.

  4. ANB says

    I’m sure the only reason my parents survived the Spanish Flu (which originated in Fort Riley, KS, or at least was first diagnosed there) was because they didn’t wear masks. Thank goodness. I’m sure I barely survived bacterial pneumonia as a youth due to my regular mask wearing was because I only wore it when I was outdoors.

    I was a catcher in Little League.

  5. says

    Was there a huge mask movement in 1918? I’ve seen pictures of nurses and doctors wearing masks from that period, but I don’t think widespread mask use among the general public was common. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. Also how do you connect bacterial pneumonia to mask wearing in 1918? Pretty sure those analytics didn’t exist back then.

  6. lochaber says

    Wasn’t the whole concept of virus (viri?) fairly new at the time?

    Much more recently, I’ve met medical professionals who didn’t seem to understand that malaria is caused by a protozoan, so I can imagine there would be a lot of inaccurate diagnoses regarding something so new to the science and medical community…

    On another note, three years ago, and most of these magats couldn’t wear their shemagh enough on their trips to walmart. And then, in the early stages, when it was the “wuhan virus”, those same jackasses were all about wearing (and hoarding) the N95s…

    I know it’s false and unfair to goldfish (who have it difficult enough already), but for fuck’s sake, I can’t be the person who remembers anything more then 3 years ago, can I?

  7. tedw says

    I have heard this claim before and it gets even better; Anthony Fauci is a co-author on the study they completely misrepresent so he is claimed to have authored “a study proving that masks killed more people than the flu during the 1918 pandemic.” Which, of course, is bullshit. Here is the study they are most likely referring to (although actual citations do not seem to be the strong suit of conspiracymongers):

  8. birgerjohansson says

    The late, great Christopher Reeve would have been 70 today.
    We need more funding for medical research.

  9. birgerjohansson says

    Are the masks living, evil GM organisms, like the condom in the horror comedy The Killer Condom ?