If it were just 3 hours of Peterson alone, it would be hellish. As 3 hours of exposing Peterson as a shallow right-wing grifter, though, I found this entertaining. Infuriating. Infurataining? Try it as a kind of background anti-ASMR, maybe.

Hey! If you’ve got a little time after that, Abe and I seem to have similar tastes, so you can go over there and spend an additional hour watching Thoughtslime explain how hard work is a grift.

By the way, life hack here: I usually play videos at 1.25 speed, which doesn’t wreck listenability too bad, and if you’ve got a little free disk space, use an app (I use one called ClipGrab) to download the whole video and play it from there — it removes the annoying commercials which are currently a plague on YouTube.


  1. says

    uBlock Origin works on Firefox to block YouTube ads – on desktop and on Android.
    there’s also various pass-through sites that don’t run the ads, usually running Invidious, e.g.

  2. says

    Honesty, I’m tired of the analysis of people who are shit. I’d like to hear more about what we’re going to do about them. Specifically, why is it that our societies so consistently produce assholes?

  3. F.O. says

    adBlock blocks YouTube ads too.

    FreeTube is a client to watch YouTube without ads and without tracking.

    For the more command-line oriented allows to download the whole videos.

  4. F.O. says


    That’s a word for the times if I’ve ever seen one.

    But no, I am short of fucks to give, I’m short of emotional resources for getting angry and I’m short of time for a 3h video.
    I am a social dead-end, so there is only so much effect I can have on our society.

  5. René says

    F.O. seconded. I didn’t make it till the 5 min mark. The fuck’s voice alone is more than I can bear.

    Completely ectopic, I know, and I apologize, but I need to get this off my chest: Today I became twice as old as my mother when she died. Almost 37 years of mourning.

  6. weylguy says

    If it were just 3 hours of Peterson alone, it would be hellish.

    I recall a scene in Woody Allen’s Take the Money and Run where our incarcerated hero is punished by being held in solitary with an insurance salesman. Surely is has equivalency with the American people and Jordan Peterson.

  7. darrelplant says

    Doesn’t playing clips with Peterson speaking at 1.25x shift it into ultrasonic, though?

  8. birgerjohansson says

    The Vogons use coverage of Jordan Peterson to torture their prisoners, when they run out of poetry.

  9. René says

    @darrelplant (seeing what you did there): The higher pitch might be quite useful to chase away the uneducated young fanbase in case they harass you.

  10. birgerjohansson says

    Om the subject of weird creepy people Giuliani is in trouble.
    His ex-wife wants him jailed since the checks bounce.

  11. says

    THREE HOURS of dissecting JP’s blithering is way too much time — but the bright side here is, JP’s very first lines established him as a lying hack, so right away we know we don’t have to listen any further. Thanx to Thoughtslime for wasting his time so we don’t have to waste ours.

  12. says

    The same guy also has an episode about some Eastern-Orthodox obscurantist bigot named Jonathan Pageau, whom he calls “the next Jordan Peterson.” The guy is an “icon sculptor” or some such, which implies (to me at least) that he’s rather heavily into Eastern-Orthodox iconography, narratives and doctrine. And boy does he get transphobic toward the end. (Also, this video is only about 35 minutes.)

    Pageau may not be relevant himself, but we need to be aware of his strain of obscurantist blithering, kinda-sorta-sneakily leading up to justifying some pretty insane hatred of trans people. As in, he says that while in Medieval times “unusual” people or “weirdos” might have been sacrificed as “scapegoats” for the good of society as a whole, nowadays people expect all of civilization as we know it to be sacrificed for the sake of the “weirdos” and other marginalized people.

    Eastern obscurantism is a form of overt, balls-out anti-rationalism that’s older than America; and it may be merging with US-Christian anti-rationalism. That would be a serious threat to everyone, including right-wing Christians who won’t always find themselves on the right side of policy or doctrinal disputes.

  13. StonedRanger says

    Three hours? Fuck that guy, he doesnt get three seconds of my time. I already get that he is a piece of shit, I dont need to waste three hours confirming what I already know.

  14. says

    The Vogons use coverage of Jordan Peterson to torture their prisoners, when they run out of poetry.

    I guess Paula Nancy Millstone Jennings of Greenbridge, Essex, England, hasn’t given them enough material yet…?

  15. ardipithecus says

    I wish he’d change his name to Pfft, because the time it takes to say Jordan Peterson is too much to spend on him.

  16. slatham says

    Watched the whole thing at 1.75x. Only had to rewind a couple of times. I found it very good!

  17. René says

    @18 slatham. I was reluctant to watch it at that speed, since I expected the pitch to be unbearably high. Apparently, playing it at a higher speed, achieves a bearable pitch by chopping of minute parts of the sound track. (I’m sure there will be a technical term for that, that I am not aware of.)
    But hey, I read a book by Sam Harris, so I am a neuroscientist! I read a book by Daniel Dennet, so I am a philosopher! (of religion!) And, I read some Dick Dawkins, so I am definetely an evolutionary biologist!