If you’re sane, you should be afraid

Warning: the video below may induce seizures if you triggered by strobing lights.

That’s a promo for a QAnon conference. It’s utterly insane. It has everything: junk DNA, vaccines, Hitler, Illuminati, Trump, transhumanism, the Jews, prophecy, etc., etc., etc. It’s also got evil in it, but I think that was entirely self-referential.

After watching that hateful bullshit, the one question in my mind is…do I need to buy a gun to protect myself?


  1. whheydt says

    If you buy a gun to protect yourself, just don’t do what Rep. Madison Cawthorn did. He got caught with a loaded handgun by the TSA. Looks to being charged (by the local DA) with a misdemeanor. One might wonder what will happen in light of his previously having gotten caught with an unloaded handgun, and a couple of instances of speeding while driving with a revoked license.

  2. birgerjohansson says

    I did not watch it. Are there any frozen nazis? That seems more plausible than nazis hiding on the Moon, like in that film.
    Or you can have nazis creating vampires:
    Yeah, that seems like the basis for a rational worldview.

  3. says

    Junk DNA? “Junk DNA”? I’m too chicken to actually watch this video, but they are somehow bringing in the debates over junk DNA between molecular evolutionists (knowledgable) and many genomicists and molecular biologists (mistaken)?

  4. birgerjohansson says

    I get it. It is not “space reptiles”. It is avian aliens, undercover as “eagles”. We are in the narrative universe of some independent comics publishing house.
    Personally I prefer the stuff by Warren Ellis.

  5. Captain Kendrick says

    I slowed it down so I could figure out what the subliminal message was that was hidden in there. I found it:

    “Masturbate on a Bible, and put your remote control in your bung-hole.”

    It figures….

  6. says

    OK, realizing it was posted at Right Wing Watch, I watched it until (at about 3:01) the screen flashed the words “Junk DNA?”. That was all. They are, I suppose, skeptical that there is any junk DNA? Fortunately they do not do or say anything further.

  7. jrkrideau says

    I watched the whole thing. The amazing fact is it had no message, just a string of unrelated ‘somethings”. Factoids in to positive a word to describe this babbling.

    The best comparison I can think of is putting out an ad and forgetting the company name and website or telephone number.

    As P.Z says, “It’s utterly insane.”

  8. Rob Grigjanis says

    jrkrideau @9: It’s amazing that you can pull your head out of Putin’s arse for long enough to point out someone else’s bullshit.

    Curious: Do you still think Russia is doing everything it can to avoid civilian casualties?

    P.S. In case you bring up the Azov Battalion, can you tell us what you think of the Wagner Group?

  9. StevoR says

    @7. Captain Kendrick : LOL!

    At the ad, WTF?!

    Sadly, there’s apparently people (even if luckily maybe not that many?) that find that ad effective and convincing and will respond positively to it which is a real worry.

    The USA has a serious Conspiracy cult sub-culture issue and Quanonism seems like the start of a whole very bizarre and very wrong religion. A less pleasant “god” would be hard to find even among the Aztec pantheon.

  10. climateteacherjohnj says

    This kind of thing is meant to promote gun sales among other things. Don’t get sucked in. I’d say invest in seeds and gardening books instead.

  11. Ted Lawry says

    The video kept saying/prophesying that the people would “awake.” Would that make us “woke?” Just asking….

  12. says

    I see the reference to adrenochrome and I wonder how Hunter Thompson would feel about people taking his satire seriously. I mean it isn’t even meant to be taken seriously within the confines of the book. He is making fun of the DAs to their faces and they are too dumb to see it. Now. Wow.

  13. starman91 says

    Wow. “Executions” followed immediately by “The Light Wins”. A near full singularity of just about every conspiracy theory: A stupid for every man and woman!

  14. birgerjohansson says

    Ray Ceeya @ 13
    At least Neil Breen has a genuine (if misplaced) passion for films, nor is he likely to hurt anyone. The kooks who made this might turn up at a pizza place with an assault rifle.

  15. birgerjohansson says

    Starman91@ 18
    The Klan calls it “the day of the rope”.
    (PS I see you are -presumably- 30 years younger than me. Hang in there, there are still many discoveries to witness in science, starting with the JSW telescope)

  16. says

    A gun could be useful, if you have the time and money to learn to use it well. That said, I think organizing with like-minded folks might be more useful. Fascists aren’t always cowards, when it comes to violence, but they do seem to prefer as unequal a playing field as possible.

    One person with a gun, no matter how proficient, can be taken by surprise and overwhelmed.

    A group of people, or even a whole town, presents a very different problem, and one fascists have a harder time dealing with.

  17. Akira MacKenzie says

    Jebus, that video is like someone tried to play 52-Pick-up with my copy of the Illuminati card game.

  18. birgerjohansson says

    “One day Jesus will raise the dead… to feed on the flesh of the living”

    Peter Griffin in Family Guy

  19. prairieslug says

    Classic tunes like Leftfield’s “Phat Planet” and Rob Dougan’s “Clubbed To Death” should not be associated with fascist conspiracy mongers.

  20. Akira MacKenzie says

    @ 24

    The trouble is that these numbskulls think their in they’re in The Matrix movies and they’re all Neo.

  21. Akira MacKenzie says

    Whoops! I haven’t had my morning coffee yet. Sorry.

    @ 24

    The trouble is that these numbskulls think their in they’re in The Matrix movies and they’re all Neo.

  22. whywhywhy says

    I watched this just before bed. Worst night in years. ( Could also be that I just came down with COVID…)

  23. seachange says

    We are both old. We both know that sometimes if you wait around some problems are “the small stuff” and they go away, something that wouldn’t have occured to twenty-year-old me. So: are you sure? You have a lot of almost-kids at your university, and children should be protected but the unconvicted murderer Rittenhouse is also pretty young.

    My dad thought the soviets would nuke us and china would invade. Or y’know the other way around? I’m not sure that mattered to him. Anyways we got taught how to use the family rifle and we were also taken to karate lessons. I have truly used this karate to good effect in real life against the forces of fascism homophobia and just general nastiness. I dunno how much this will be useful to me or to you now in this phase of our lives. But my certainty that I can kick ass of those who seem on the face of it stronger than me, if I need to; this still helps in the reactions I get from the people who would do violence. It allows me to use words, and be brave enough to speak to those of my political opponenets, my strongest preference.

    While I also know how to shoot a handgun, they’re seriously inaccurate at any distance. We ourselves don’t have a handgun despite seriously talking about it three times now, ultimately because Rick has a temper.

    My dad was of the opinion that you shoot the forces of oppression from a distance, hence his insistence on us learning a rifle. Other dads in the neighborhood had shotguns, sometimes loaded with one shell of salt. This is with the idea that their loved ones would not be able to shoot, but also because they might be children or little ladies and the first shot might be a mistake.

    My neighborhood has a strong jewish, gay, and soviet-american component. I am getting screamed at. I am considering getting a rifle or a shotgun.

  24. komarov says

    I only made it half way through. “Corruption – the real pandemic?” I thought QAnon was a Trump fanclub? Oh, I forget: Right-wingers have no self-awareness whatsoever. Also, they’re not great writers. The Darkness (TM)(c)(R) will panic, indeed.