1. StevoR says

    don’t think it will grow in my garden.

    But in an octopuses garden OTOH ..

    (Too obvs?)

  2. PaulBC says

    These photos always make me think of glass paperweights. No, I wonder never be so evil as to encase a real octopus in glass, but it would make a beautiful design in colored glass.

  3. Walter Solomon says

    PaulBC @6,

    Even if the octopus is already dead? When I was a kid, an uncle of mine had a paperweight that was a crystal ball with an actual, dead tarantula incased inside. I was very fascinated by it.

    Then there are those art pieces that feature actual, adult sharks suspended inside a block of clear resin. I think an octopus paperweight would be really cool.

  4. PaulBC says

    Walter Solomon@7 I suppose if you found it dead in pristine condition. That seems more likely when the animal has an exoskeleton.

  5. vucodlak says

    Probable TMI:
    Reminds me of when I used to sit around and imagine genitalia as a child. My mind’s eye conjured such fantastical arrays of perfectly interlocking tentacles, toothy orifices, and filamented pistons, all engaged in delicate dances of seduction, diving, caressing, and enfolding in such sublime unity. Oh, how transcendent it was when two or three or five became one quivering, pulsating whole!

    I have to admit, learning more about anatomy and sex was something of a letdown. For more innocent days, eh?