The grand spider co-op

How about this for a title that might give you chills? Spiders Caught Hunting in Giant Synchronized Swarms. It certainly got me excited. I would like to have some of these swarms here.

You might feel differently, so I’ll put the photo below the fold. Rest assured, these are giant swarms of very small spiders.

That is beautiful. Nice photo.

What is going to send chills down the spines of Jordan Peterson fans, though, is that their behavior is non-hierarchical.

When prey falls into their web, these social spiders coordinate and attack their victim together, which allows them to take down much larger prey than they could if they hunted alone. Until now, exactly how these spiders carry out such coordinated attacks was a mystery.

It turns out, the spiders use vibrations in their mega-web to choreograph a synchronized swarming process, a new study found.

“What is fantastic is that there is no leadership role among these spiders,” said Raphael Jeanson, a researcher at the Research Center on Animal Cognition (CRCA) at the University of Toulouse in France, and senior author on a new study about the social arachnids.

Rather, the entire spider colony coordinates its attack with each individual receiving the same information.

Imagine no overlords
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of spiders.

While they live in colonies of thousands of spiders, they’re only about 5mm long. It’s a start, at least.


  1. F.O. says

    I wish anarchism wasn’t so misunderstood.

    We keep discovering decentralized systems in nature, we keep inventing decentralized systems, and we keep getting super surprised that yes, they work, and it really feels like it’s a cultural problem, we’re just not used to see things working without a master.

    And yes, there is a lot of anti-anarchist propaganda, and yes, anarchists for the most part don’t seem to be interested in winning hearts and minds, or to communicate in a way that makes sense to non-anarchists.