My birthday is tomorrow

But I got a present from my wee little baby brother already. It was delivered yesterday, but then sat out on the icy cold back porch overnight, and Mary was a little concerned that it might have gotten damaged when she picked it up.

No worries.

It’s a cast iron spider, a species that does not mind sub-zero temperatures at all. I put it on a nice warm fluffy towel, though, just in case.


  1. birgerjohansson says

    If they find a new vampire bat, please name it after Mitch McConnell.
    Trump shoud have his name given to some arthropod that triggers allergies and rashes.
    “Iron Spiders” – obvious heavy metal band.

  2. magistramarla says

    Very cool present. I hope your birthday tomorrow is a great day for you.

  3. nomdeplume says

    Hmmm, better watch out when it makes a web – should be a doozy…

    And yeah, Happy Birthday from me to you PZ.

  4. whheydt says

    Many years ago, I was in my early teens and my family was living in the SF Bay Area, there was particularly harsh winter weather on the East Coast where my father’s older brother lived. My father bought one of those brass monkeys that can be hung in chains from a import store and sent it to his brother as a comment on the weather.

    Only if people appear to be confused will I explain the joke.

  5. strangerinastrangeland says

    As it is now “tomorrow”: Happy Birthday, PZ! I wish you a wonderful day and the same for the days to come!