If it’s not one thing, it’s another

I said I was going to optimize my classroom management for flexibility, but this is ridiculous. I’m supposed to be teaching a lab right now, but the science building caught fire.

It was more of a tiny smolder, but we did get a lot of smoke in the building. I heard that plumbers were soldering some pipes in the ceiling, and something caught fire, and now the fire department kicked everyone out of the building and are trying to make sure there is nothing else burning in that space before they let us back in. “A few more hours,” the fire person said. So I had to cancel lab.

Now the next few days are wrecked for me, because I’m trying to accommodate a lot of busy students and persuade them to come in at some other time so we can get this cross started. I’m going to have to provide supervised lab access all day tomorrow and Thursday.

I swear, this job is trying to break me, but honestly, I’m already broken.


  1. chris61 says

    At least it was an actual fire and not a drill. Although I recognize the necessity for them I get very frustrated when a fire drill causes me to have to discard an on- going experiment.

  2. Susan Montgomery says

    This is what happens when you shave. Maybe you can fit a Zappa stache and a soul patch under a mask and get some of your luck back ;)

  3. astringer says

    Hey, ain’t that one of those non-fungi bill toe coins your using without permishun?

    Good oh!

    [After watching your Dan Olson post for over 2 hours…]

  4. bcw bcw says

    It’s amazing how many times plumbers burn buildings down. Usually avoidable with a little more effort to place heat barriers behind the torch but if no one is looking they risk it and usually get away with it. When you look at pipe systems you can often see char on the rafters nearby.

  5. birgerjohansson says

    Mumble mumble (insurance fraud) mumble -Have you considered retiring once you have a decent nest egg? I am not saying “rich like Paul Rogan” but comfortable?