Ever wonder what a research lab at a small public liberal arts university was like?

All the Dutch angles just tell you that a spider lab is kind of creepy so you should be feeling uneasy…even though no spiders are shown in this video.


  1. wajim says

    Excellent video tour. But what I wanna know is what’s up with that 1990-something touchtone desktop phone, man? When you recycle that elderly Dell CPU perhaps donate that to some museum of the “analog/digital transition” generation (which at our similar ages we were both a part of). We are the real “greatest generation” as semi-oldsters like us had to go from rotary phones and am radio with tube stereos and cotton strings controlling our tuner dials to the digital age. When I started the second semester of my freshman year at a small liberal arts college like yours (in northern Idaho), I happily laid out $1400 for a Mac Plus and and $300 for an Epson dot-matrix printer, which was far better than the second hand typewriter and six gallons of whiteout I used for my first semester. Thi’m war the days, say I. (Happy they’re gone, really)

  2. nomdeplume says

    I once, as a young postgraduate, was given a room (long story) which literally had been a broom cupboard. They did remove the brooms though…

  3. Ice Swimmer says

    I have some background in chemical engineering and electrical engineering and that looks like a semi-vacated and well-cleaned chemistry lab.

    Not much like a EE/power electronics lab, which would have big breaker panels, power distribution units, switches, thick cables, oscilloscopes and power analyzers. And there would be electric motors/generators and various power electronic converters.

  4. says

    Looks fairly well organized to me. That’s one thing about having a small space, you have to keep it organized otherwise it becomes unworkable.

  5. Reginald Selkirk says

    Ever wonder what a research lab at a small public liberal arts university was like?

    Let me guess, filled with cobwebs?

  6. avalus says

    Very cool lab, but adding to your list, PZ, I am very dissapointed by the distinct lack of bubbeling green liquid in random bits of chemistry glassware.