Hey, everyone! The creationists are over there now!

The creationists never, or rarely, show up on the blog anymore because they know they’ll all get dogpiled with refutations here — good work, gang. The new bottom of the internet which sucks down all the worst slime is YouTube, so if you want some real grade-A primo fine examples of the dumbest humanity has to offer, just trawl through YouTube comments. I haven’t made a new YouTube video in weeks, but the rancidity still keeps oozing out. Examples:

If only we knew the trugt about moon landings, communism, and the flat earth, and weren’t being paid off by “satanic bankers”…

This guy has a Masters degree in chemistry! Therefore he knows that evolution can’t work.

Yeah, I sometimes wind them up. They’re desperate for attention.


  1. JoeBuddha says

    I’m a programmer. And I know evolutionary theory works; some of the principals are a powerful tool in solving really difficult problems.

  2. numerobis says

    To be fair, when was the last time you set foot in a university? Apart from feeding your spiders.

  3. slithey tove (twas brillig (stevem)) says

    [yes, let me rehearse here]
    Natural selection being a statistical reality is not declaring it a force driving the direction of changes. It is a description of what has happened, not a description of a force of nature.
    The force driving this toward equilibrium is what we see behind the cause of evolution.
    Evolution is the results of natural forces changing lifeforms to fit into the world more efficiently.
    sigh enough for now, I guess

  4. cvoinescu says

    Did you notice that the “bible is truth” guy’s handle is Grigoriy Apocalypsis?

  5. Matt G says

    You get a stipend from Satan – just admit it, PZ. Everyone knows nobody can survive on a professor’s salary.

  6. Bruce says

    The traditional view of creationists used to be that the sun goes around the earth. But it’s hard to follow that argument with people whose understanding of biology and earth equilibria seems to imply the sun doesn’t exist.

  7. garnetstar says

    Let me just say that, that one commenter did not get a masters in chemistry in any department whose program is certified by the Amercian Chemical Society. The society certifies which universities’ degrees (B.S., B.A., M.S., and Ph.D) meet the society’s standards, and ACS certification signifies to potential employers that the students have learned enough chemisty that you can rely on the employee to know what, say, pH is. The ACS has to do this because there are so many institutions that offer “chemistry” degrees.

    In any ACS-certified degree program (aka, a real chemistry degree program) this person would have learned about, or at least heard of, kinetics. Which can get around the laws of thermodynamic equilibria anytime.

  8. zetopan says

    Do not be fooled by creationists claiming to have degrees in fields that they never studied (as shown by their arrogantly ignorant commentary). While there are some creationists with science degrees, they are in a tiny minority within the creationist community.

    Several years ago I communicated with an idiot creationist who claimed to be related to Charles Darwin and that Darwin had only “proved” natural selection, but not evolution. The willful ignorant are also totally immune to irony. Today’s creationists with actual science degrees still cannot make any even remotely scientific case for creationism so they sped their time attacking science and writing religious apologetics in lame attempts to keep the spectacularly ignorant from abandoning the sinking creationism ship. Creationism lost within the scientific community a century and a half ago but the terminally irrational refuse to accept the results.

    On a related note I responded to a self claimed “nurse” (and obvious anti-vaxxer) who insisted that Hydroxychloroquine was an absolute cure for COVID 19 and people disagreeing with our now ex-grifter in chief were only doing so to make the GOP look bad. You can’t fix that level of stupid.

    My point being that the antiscience crowd frequently claims expertise in areas where they are stunningly ignorant in an effort to claim authority that they do not even remotely possess. YouTube and FaceBook are filled with such pretend experts. Also many Russian trolls claiming to be “well educated” black Hispanics so that they can accuse you of racism if you contradict their counterfactual and totally unevidenced claims.

  9. evolutionaryautistic says

    Yeah, I sparred with a creationist on youtube. It was like pulling teeth. They objected to the formatting of my answers (I tackled their argument one point at a time, but they seemed to think that it built up to a greater whole or some shit), to calling the Christian God “your God”, and did the argument that “we all have to come from somewhere”. They eventually falsely accused me of violating the BGV theorem, and when I called them out on that, they didn’t respond back.