Need rhinestones?

This is a plug for family. My niece-in-law, Audriauna, is doing quite well at turning a hobby into money — she blings stuff. You can see her work on TikTok (kids these days & their weird social media!), Instagram, and, of course, on Etsy. If you are a member of the cult of Starbucks, why are you drinking out of cardboard?

For better or worse, I live in a Starbucks desert. This is Caribou Coffee country! She doesn’t seem to have cups for my kind, but as she lives out there in the Seattle/Tacoma area I guess that’s to be expected.


  1. birgerjohansson says

    I am told the liquid Mericans call “coffee” relates to the Nordic coffee blends the way the stuff from a galactic Nutr-o-matic (TM) unit relates to what Earthlings call “tea”.
    There are apparently a million blends but you only like the ones you have been conditioned to like for decades.
    Rhinestones may be a good distraction when you are testing a new brand.

  2. nomaduk says

    I have fond memories of excellent Caribou Coffee from frequent trips to MSP long ago. To hell with Starbucks.

  3. chuckonpiggott says

    Caribou is better coffee than Starbucks any day. The franchisee for Caribou in Northern VA went bankrupt years ago and they all disappeared.