I might be tempted to vote for a Republican who wore one of these

I don’t understand why, but the George HW Bush Presidential Library Gift Shop sells a Wiggle Spider Top Hat for $36.

For some reason, I want one. If I see a $36 donation to my paypal account, I’m going to see that as a sign from the gods that I must order one.

You people! Someone immediately donate $36, so yes, I’ve ordered the Wiggle Spider Top Hat. I guess I’ll have to model it for you all, next week when it arrives.

By the way, my paypal account is currently dedicated to paying off our legal debt, so my generous donor has effectively made a donation to the legal fund, and compelled me to use my credit card to buy a Wiggle Spider Top Hat. That’s just the way it works.


  1. Bruce says

    Per parody.fandom.com this is a Dora the Explorer song related thing.

    The key phrase is this:
    Dora: (Singing) They’re The Wiggly Spiders and They Mean Us No Harm!, But They Won’t Let Us By ‘Til We Wiggle Our Arms!

  2. consciousness razor says

    You know, he made it abundantly clear when he said “read my lips: no new wiggle spider top hats,” but now you look at this … just incredible.

  3. says

    Four years of Trump made me forget presidential libraries are a thing. Do you suppose Trump’s presidential “library” will be full of coloring books?

  4. fusilier says

    UnknownEric the Apostate @8

    Too many syllables, and grammatically correct – but you knew that.


    James 2:24

  5. birgerjohansson says

    When PZ has aquired the top hat, he can relax watching Trevor Noah and Jimmy Kimmel joking about Ted Cruz.
    (I admit it would be even more fun to see Ted Cruz getting eaten by Shelob but the “no traveling ” rules make journeys to Mirkwood impractical).
    The next presidential library might be a boon for comics enthusiasts, but do not expect arty stuff like “Sandman”.

  6. PaulBC says

    @13 Since he’s his dad’s biggest fan, I’m sure most of them would be set in the Donaldverse.

  7. christoph says

    I just clicked the link-they’re out of stock. You may have increased traffic to the website.

  8. stroppy says

    “Will There Be a Trump Presidential Library? Don’t Count On It.”

    Magazines with photos of himself Photoshopped in. Trump photos and cardboard cut-outs everywhere. His personal barber’s chair. Gift shop selling MyPillows and Goya beans. Assorted broken stuff. Everything painted gold. A pawn shop hawking stuff pilfered from the Whitehouse. Trading cards featuring weirdos from his entourage and other assorted dead enders….

  9. JustaTech says

    Long ago (OK, back in like 2003, which is getting on a long time ago) I had occasion to visit the Jefferson Davis Presidential Library and Museum in Biloxi Mississippi. It is not a read presidential library (as it is not run by the national archives), and aside from the slightly interesting architecture of the historic house on the site (set nearly a full story above ground for improved cooling airflow) it was interesting only in the truly epic display of self deception. Frankly, it was weird and slightly creepy, but not all that far outside the norm (here’s a uniform, here’s a camp cot, here’s a writing desk). Until you got to the last room before the gift shop. In that huge and echoing space there were a series of banners hanging from the ceiling:
    The War of Northern Aggression
    The War of Southern Succession
    The War Between the States
    The War for States Rights

    As we got back into our car to leave my dad (Northerner) said, very quietly, to my born-and-bred Texan grandmother “I didn’t know the South won the Civil War.”
    “Neither did I!”

    I’m not even slightly sad to report that the whole thing was seriously damaged (but sadly not destroyed) in Hurricane Katrina.

    All of which is to say; if you’ve got money, anyone can have a presidential library, even if they weren’t ever president.

  10. captainjack says

    Photos need to have side and rear views as well. If you wore it to a movie, when that happens again, I wonder if anyone would be brave enought to ask you to take it off.