Uh-oh. Now I’m getting the really weeeeird spam

Yesterday, I started getting a small trickle of spam from someone asking desperately if I was the “PZ Leader of Project Zorgo”. They were quite insistent — they sent multiple links to a questionnaire I’m supposed to fill out (I didn’t).

They have a YouTube channel that looks like kids’ game channel — lots of short videos, stylized and phony, but the latest one has a million views, and they have 1.75 million subscribers. Here’s their “about” description.

We are the YouTube Hacker group Project Zorgo. We believe YouTube has become too powerful and is a threat to traditional media. Phase one of our plan is to hack the YouTube trending page and promote unpopular videos from television networks. Phase two is to hack popular YouTuber channels and prevent them gaining more subscribers.

I fear someone may have noticed my initials, and also that I seem to fit the description from phase one perfectly. I have noticed that whenever I post a video featuring spiders my YouTube analytics immediately turn red and the numbers rocket downward, as if I’m self-destructively and intentionally destroying my channel. It’s almost amusing.

Sorry, gang, I never even heard of Project Zorgo until yesterday.

But then, that’s exactly what the “PZ Leader of Project Zorgo” would say.


  1. Matt G says

    Maybe there’s a typo and it’s really Project Zorro. Have you been doing any swashbuckling recently?

  2. Reginald Selkirk says

    Rival atheists accused of not believing in privacy law

    The Atheist Alliance International, an organisation that works to demystify atheism and advocate for secular governance, has warned members their personal information appears to have been leaked.
    In an email to members sighted by The Register, the organisation says former staffers recently started a rival atheist organisation that has since emailed the Alliance’s members. The Alliance suspects its new rival was only able to do so because former staffers took some data when they left…

  3. Bruce says

    Obviously, the Z in PZ means we are almost at the end of the P sequence, and thus ready to start the next sequence. In other words, PZ is Q.
    All hail PZ.
    /sarcasm off

  4. blf says

    ● Do u like hackers for example (Project Zorgo)

    ● Name all the PZ member’s in Project Zorgo..

      † Can you write in English like, e.g., a literate person?
      ‡ See previous reply.

  5. blf says

    @6, Is that the one where a mysterious “peezed”, only ever seen in silhouette or shadow — sometimes a kraken, sometimes a giant fish, interspersed with spiderish shapes of indeterminate size — appears in different places in a severely wobbly wooden ark seemingly-designed by Dr Evopsy and eats what appears to be stale crackers or cookies whilst laughing at a banana-shaped humanoid riding a T. Rex hunting wild pineapples?

  6. unclefrogy says

    wasn’t zorgo one of the recurring characters in the failed series Andromeda
    uncle frogy