Marjorie Taylor Greene stripped of committee assignments!

Oh, get stuffed with your ludicrous “free speech” whining.

It’s not all good news, though.

The House of Representatives has voted to strip Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of her committee assignments, following uproar over her past incendiary comments and apparent support of violence against Democrats.

Thursday’s vote was 230-199, with 11 Republicans joining with all Democrats to back the resolution.

Almost 200 Republicans refused to condemn her remarks, and thought it was just fine to have a treasonous conspiracy theorist serving their agenda. This was just a vote to kick her off the budget and education committees, not to repudiate her and kick her out of congress, as she deserves.

I’d like to see Cruz and Hawley booted off their committees, but I predict nothing will be done there.

The Republican party really must be destroyed.


  1. says

    Clearly the votes aren’t there to expel her from Congress, which is what should be happening. But this was something the Democrats could do alone. I’m glad to see them do it.

  2. blf says

    In addition, Kamala Harris uses casting vote to pass Covid relief budget resolution (“Vice-president’s Senate intervention means Biden’s $1.9tn package can pass without Republican support”). Unfortunately, “an amendment to prohibit the increase of the federal minimum wage during a global pandemic, which was carried by a voice vote.” Therefore, the bill has to go back to the House. My current understanding is the plan(?) is to pass it with that thug-inserted amendment, and deal with minimum wage in a later bill, “The Vermont senator Bernie Sanders said he still intended to support bringing the measure through: ‘We need to end the crisis of starvation wages in Iowa and around the United States.’ He outlined plans to get a wage increase, phased in over five years, included in a budget reconciliation bill.” (This is apparently the first time Vice President Harris has had to break a tie vote.)

  3. wzrd1 says

    No need to destroy the Republican Party, it’s self-destructing all on its own by its embrasure of insane conspiracy theories, sedition, treason and prostitution of public office.
    They’ll soon be left with Trump’s base and the remainder of the original GOP will be forced to depart, rather than worship their god-king emperor wannabe. Hell, the schism has already begun and people and donors are noticing and beginning to abandon ship.
    Meanwhile, corporate America has begun pushing back via litigation over denouncements, with sufficient financial threat to cause OAN and newsmax to stop cold, Fox to abandon “the steal” bullshit, rather than face a loss of all financial foundation and assets and thus far, that’s only two corporations initiating litigation.
    Next, the implosion of the morally bankrupt GOP.

  4. raven says

    Xpost Patheos.
    Marjorie Taylor Greene is a polykook.
    One of her many hates is nonwhites.
    She is an out white racist.


    She ended one of her videos commenting: “The most mistreated group of people in the United States today are white males.”[73]
    In 2018, Greene shared a video, With Open Gates: The Forced Collective Suicide of European Nations
    repeating the antisemitic white genocide conspiracy theory
    that “Zionist supremacists” are conspiring to flood Europe with migrants to replace the ‘native’ white populations.
    The video, uncovered by Media Matters for America, said that those supporting refugees are using “immigrant pawns” to commit “the biggest genocide in human history”.

    As a white person, I would know if I was being genocided.

  5. raven says

    Paul Krugman: Republican Party is in a doom loop of bizarro
    NYT Jan 29, 2021

    If the Trump-incited Capitol insurrection didn’t snap the party back to sanity, nothing will.
    Republican Party is in a doom loop of bizarro.
    If the Trump-incited Capitol insurrection didn’t snap the party back to sanity, nothing will.

    What isn’t clear yet is who, exactly, will end up facing doom. Will it be the GOP as a significant political force? Or will it be America as we know it? Unfortunately, we don’t know the answer. It depends a lot on how successful Republicans will be in suppressing votes.

    About the bizarro: Even I had some lingering hope that the Republican establishment might try to end Trumpism. But such hopes died this week.

    I’ll repeat Paul Krugman’s take on the GOP here. Krugman is smart and has a Nobel prize in economics.

    He says the the GOP will either destroy itself or destroy the USA.

    He doesn’t know which. Neither do I.
    Right now the GOP is having a civil war between the crazies and the very crazies.
    The very crazies are way ahead and will win it.

  6. raven says

    In the race between whether the GOP will destroy itself or destroy our democracy, it is very much unknown right now which it will be.

    Don’t forget the GOP is still very powerful and fully capable of winning national elections.
    Trump was the worst president we ever had, 460,000 Americans are dead of Covid-19 virus, and he still got 74 million votes.
    The Democratic party barely controls congress with House 222 to 210 and Senate 51 to 50, Democratic to GOP.

    If it hadn’t been for an unforseen pandemic which the Trump Disaster completely failed at, he would probably still be our president.

  7. blf says

    @5, “As a white person, I would know if I was being genocided.”

    As someone living in Europe (and have done since before the invention of clay tablets), I might, just might, have noticed a genocidical change. To-date, the most-relevant change is perhaps the rise of facists, such as (here in France), the le penazis (in a recent poll, their current führer almost tied with President Macron), along with May-then-Johnson in teh “U”K, and the more blatant nazis in Poland and Hungry.

    One possibly genocidal attack — which is not at all new — is on the traveling peoples: The Roma here in France, and the (unrelated) Travelers in Ireland immediately come to mind; but the discrimination and problems is not confined to those two countries / peoples.

  8. Rob Grigjanis says

    Almost 200 Republicans refused to condemn her remarks

    Including Liz Cheney. She has her own links to conspiracies, like ‘questions’ about Obama’s citizenship and being a seekrit Mooslim.

  9. mikeschmitz says

    Greene has saidand believes many terrible things, and I am happy she is losing her committee positions, and should be censured. I am, however, much more concerned about those in active participation, such as the 4 members of the house who planned the attack and Lauren Boebert with her live-tweeting of Speaker Pelosi’s whereabouts.

  10. Pierce R. Butler says

    The Democrats (and the US) may be better off with MT Greene still in the House, a focal point for Republican nastiness and failure, than if she were expelled and became just another cable-“news” complainer.

    McConnell and McCarthy appear too nebbishy to serve as the public face(s) of a party best portrayed as a destructive delusionist.

  11. Rich Woods says

    @blf #8:

    along with May-then-Johnson in teh “U”K

    I have to correct you here: neither May nor Johnson are or were fascists. They have been and are incompetent, weak, indecisive leaders with authoritarian leanings which have been exposed when they have held posts under prior governments, let alone when heading government. They have promoted (or indeed completely reinvented) themselves as it suits them, personally charging in with intent to become the saviour of the day at a time of crisis, then completely bungled the handling of that crisis. At least one of them has had to face a greater crisis than the one they expected to have to deal with, and has not come out with flying colours.

    They both will leave the primary office of state behind them, with an interesting series of biographies and histories outliving them.

  12. blf says

    @14: Windrush. Hostile environment. Anti-immigrant navel patrols in the channel. Brexit (driven largely by xenophobia and fueled by lies (of which Johnson in his previous career was one of the fabulists)). Both May and Johnson kissed hair furor’s arse (metaphorically speaking). And so on… Whilst one or both are perhaps not facist in the literal sense, their words and actions are closer to Le Pen and hair furor than, say, Merkel or Mandala.

  13. garnetstar says

    “The Republican party really must be destroyed.”

    I’m just going to repeat wzrd@3: I don’t that’ll take much effort on our part. They seem to be doing a mighty fine job by themselves..

  14. captainjack says

    “The Republican party really must be destroyed.”
    They might be exploding now but everybody should be looking out for ANY missed piece of Evil.

  15. Frederic Bourgault-Christie says

    To be fair, many of the arguments weren’t to defend her (that is a losing position post-1-6) so they tried things like saying she was taken out of context but mostly focused on the idea that she changed and committee memberships should be a party issue.

    Of course, we shouldn’t have parties, and this woman has been unhinged so recently (including trying to impeach Biden day one – apparently it’s okay for Repubs to hold people to task for their actions prior to holding office) that it beggars belief to defend her.